Hi People 🙂

 This has been dormant in my mind for a while and hence the movie with name as the title of this post triggered it up. For those who have seen the movie, let me say, my post is not exactly in line with the movie. I am just having the plot around which the movie revolves as the crux of my post. Analogies and comparisons vary here.

 So, How many of us have wished to forget certain things/persons that/who have happened in our life? Or even it might be things that you would have done in the past, which gives you a frown for the rest of your lives when you think about it. Mostly each of us would have such instances ranging from the silly ones to extremely grave ones. Also, the one question that will linger around in your head will be-“How better it would have been if I had not done that/How better it would have been if that had not happened? At the most extreme cases, even we might be happy if we are able obliterate the incident.

Human memory is the most fascinating one. It will make you the happiest by remembering certain stuff and it will also make you go crazy by remembering certain stuff which you don’t want to. We might have fantasies of erasing just that part of our lives and continue our lives as if nothing happened. I am not sure if these fantasies have been made practically possible as shown in the movie (It might have happened with the racing technology). My point here is the fact that you cannot fight natural stuff because certain things are meant to be the way they are-even if that gives you endless regret and sorrow.

I can say this for sure because I have had experiences and I have unspeakable mistakes to regret, as many among us do. We all have tried to get on with life as if nothing happened. However, the truth turns out to be that we get over the issue but not over the fact that we did it. We can think of it without the slightest of the effect it once had on us in all aspects except the aspect of regret. That “Damn!! Why couldn’t I have refrained from doing that stuff?” still exists. I think, It is because we hold a high esteem of ourselves always and now whenever we try to maintain it, our conscience will poke us and say-“Hey you! You are not that good a person. Do you remember what you did during that incident?” and all of a sudden there is nothing that we would not give in our life to make that one mistake right.

Actually, when you have gotten over a mistake or something bad, you should be able to laugh at your mistake without a tinge of any bad feeling. This is the hard truth. The reason-“Forgiving is an art, It might be difficult to master it but if you try, you can. Sadly, forgetting is beyond our scope”. So, I think the better way to do it is to forgive yourself/others when things get out of hand. That’s all we have in our hands. Maybe, if we deserve, we might get a chance to reach a stage  as good as totally obliterating the unwanted memories in our mind. As you ponder on it, I might as well ask you to be careful and not cause any regrettable incidents in your loved ones’ lives because that way, it becomes harder. You have enough trouble trying to forgive yourself and forget your mistake than having to try to make another mind to forgive and forget a mistake of yours.

All these are my reflections on seeing the movie “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind” and doing some serious pondering over human memory. So, I might be as wrong as I might be right about the whole thing.

 Until later 🙂