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Weekend nothings

Haven’t you heard about sweet nothings? Not just when you are in love, but you can have those when are deep into marriage and then once in a blue moon, when you have a toddler too. Yeah yeah, I hear desperate parents asking, “Really?”. But I am telling you out of personal experience. It can happen. Don’t keep looking out for it, just enjoy it when it happens.

Adit and I were always the too-lazy-to-go-out kind of people (him more than me :P). So the first 5 years of our marriage, with just us and no kid (directly translating into no great responsibilities), we had weekends and weekends full of time to do nothing. Yeah, while some were out partying, meeting up with friends, exploring different pubs and restaurants, we were very comfortable in the cozy nest of our home, more specifically, our bed.

We had a week full of our jobs, then evenings filled with watching TV/shows mixed with office meetings and then we had the weekend nothings. We would sleep in, get up late and scramble something together for breakfast. We would then have a long debate about whether we can cook lunch or eat out. It ended being 50-50. And then with all the time in hand, we would eat, sleep, play some games, watch some shows, blog, read books, repeat.. You get the point. There have been weekends when we closed the door to our home on a Friday evening and then came out only on a Monday morning, with the exception of taking the milk delivered at our doorstep in.

Yeah, I hear you. We were that lazy but the point is that we kind of enjoyed it. Here’s probably why: We were brought up in highly ambitious families, running behind grades, winning contests, and scoring seats in acceptable colleges and this independence to slow down and enjoy not-running-a-mad-race actually helped us unwind. We had also had a pressured couple of years trying to get our parents accept our decision to marry each other, then trying to get them to actually marry us off, then being coerced into booking a flat when we practically had no money and hence ending up with a huge house loan… you get the point, right? I don’t know about others, but it caused a lot of subconscious tightening. So the weekend nothings were actually enjoyable. As for seeking out friendship, we had each other as best friends. So I guess that part never bothered us either.

After 5 years of doing this, we decided it was time for a kid. Again, we spent a few months being backed into a corner by friends and family telling us it is time and us not really knowing whether to cave or stand up until we are ready. Not to mention, we caved. So once Aditi was born, our weekend nothings vanished without a trace. There was some chore to be done. Always. And we got through all of it just like most parents do. Cribbing and then dusting ourselves off. Okay, I did most of the cribbing and Adit did most of the pick-me-up bit. But that’s also because of the chore imbalance in our situation. Practicality dictated that I take care of the baby and household along with my job while he focuses on the primary income of the family and his health.

Anyway, I had given up on our sweet weekends as our baby grew up into a toddler, demanding more attention and time when this weekend sneaked up on me in being nice. It just fell into place. We did get things done, like deciding the pre-school for our daughter, taking a picture of our daughter for school and going out on an impromptu snack trip to the mall. But, the rest of the weekend was relaxed with minimal tantrums, playing around at home, cooking the bare minimum that was needed (I never really enjoy cooking). In fact, this afternoon, my paranoid mind started to think that there was some storm coming up this week to make up for this calm. But then, whether I worry or not, I will have to deal with the storm when it comes. So here I am, sitting on my couch and writing a post (something I haven’t done in a really long time) enjoying the rest of my doing-nothing-weekend.

Until later πŸ™‚

The weekend

When you read “The weekend”, you might have expected an elaborate post about what all I did or where all I went over the weekend. That’s not it. I can summarize the weekend as “3/4 cleaning and 1/4 cooking”. Yup, with the responsibilities of a married woman who is going to start handling the entire family thing alone from tomorrow, that’s how the weekend goes. Here I have to say I am at blame partly. Because I have this OCD to have things clean. Kind of Monica-ish. :mrgreen: It will keep nagging in my mind until I finish it. So I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned our home, a little at a time (due to the wheezing onset if I do too much of dusting and cleaning) ever since I set foot in this home on Feb 18 till this weekend. And finally I am satisfied that our home is clean to the extent of livable. My poor husband looks on as I keep on cleaning with increasing vigor, hoping that I would finish soon so that I will not make him+his laptop move around. πŸ™„

After I finished the cleanathon, we had some guests over and sudden change of plans that mom is going home earlier than planned, even by just 2 days. With the thought that I have to manage the cooking all alone and that there will none to whom I can turn and ask “Is the salt enough?”, my mind started going crazy. I started feverishly writing down all recipes, measurements and such trivia(for my mom, not for me). So from tomorrow, the kitchen is my lab and Adit is theΒ  lab rat. 😯 Fingers crossed that I don’t mess up big time.

Other than the kitchen, there’s always something or the other thing to do. It makes me realize how recklessly lazy and easy the first 25 years of my life has been.