I have been forced to come out of my denial mode. The instant happened yesterday in the Gym which I joined only last week. You guessed it right, my mind has been denying that I am overweight in spite of the mirror telling me I need to reconsider my lifestyle. The fact that if you know what to wear you will always look decent didn’t help either. Since I had a decent wardrobe courtesy my friends and my guy, it was never clumsy to wear modern-wear. So I stuffed myself with Junk food, Chocolates, Crispy Dosas and what not. Adding to the temptation, my office canteen kept on opening a variety of counters for all types of normal and junk food – A dessert counter, A snack counter, A chaat counter, A tiffin counter and it went on.

And so the once at-least normal girl is now fat. As I was freaking out on this fact once my denial haze lifted, an interesting thought came in. The Cadbury company should be sued for producing such tempting chocolates. It is almost a criminal sin to tempt people who are oblivious and licking off that silky diary milk off the wrapper, all the while adding numbers to their weight. What more, if you buy a Diary Milk of that huge size (I am not sure if it is the family pack), they are giving you a Bournville of the same size for free. This is what they call hell for chocolate addicts like us. (Well, actually heaven but when it comes to the weight factor, hell it is!!) I am a chocolate freak and that’s what landed me in the gym now. 😥

And the chicken pox episode just blew up the whole thing. Almost 20 days of just eating and sleeping. And unlike most people, my grandma did not insist I only eat curd rice during my tenure of being sick. She said I can eat everything home-made. That was the icing on the cake. So there I was in my own food heaven until the realization hit yesterday. Thank god, I realized it before it’s too late. It’s gonna be hard but not impossible to cut those extra KGs. My muscles are on a strike as I try to workout in the gym. They scream every possible curse at me. There is no breath control or capacity in my lungs! So much for being a swimmer. I was not able to jog continuously for 5 mins and I was wondering where has that person who beat the record runner in the class during school gone. 😳

Adding insult to injury, there was this body builder guy in my gym, working out on the cycling machine next to me and he was pedaling away like he’s the gold medalist in Olympics and there I was by his side, pedaling like I was participating in a slow cycle race. Why god why? The couple of girls who were there were like Deepika Padukone. (No, I was not checking them out. Don’t get any dirty ideas. 😉 I was just registering that they don’t need the gym at all.)Why do they have to come to gym when they are so thin? Only when I saw a few more ladies who came to gym to actually work out the fat, the relief flooded in. Yeah, I am not alone. :mrgreen:

At the canteen, while everyone was having pakodas, french fries, potato smiles, chole-baturas, all I could think of was how difficult it was to shed the calories which I gained by eating them. And I was sitting there sadly with my fruit bowl and green tea, resisting the temptation which tried to break free. Every time I go to the canteen, it is like a clash of titans -the foodie in me will want to have something tasty, the other me will want to avoid unhealthy food. Ugh! 😡

When I read this post by Red handed, I had commented that I could write a miniature version of it. I don’t know what I was thinking (Guess I was very proud of the fact that I did not gain weight over a 1.5 years even though I hogged and my physical activity was less. I just remained the same and it went to my head. Sigh!) but I have just started with the process and it will be a good few months before I can write such a post declaring my victory over the cellulite. Hoping such a day comes 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: You can read the post how many ever times you want, but I have not given away my weight anywhere 😛 Not yet! I will tell only when I have achieved my target. Till then, no guesses. 😈

P.P.S: I generally lack the ability to have a laugh at myself and handle criticism well. So this is a first. 🙂

P.P.P.S: When I think of people like Ajay who eat junk food as their breakfast, lunch and dinner and yet stay stick thin, my blood boils. 👿