With Xmas holidays making me idler,I started out with “2 states” by Chetan Bhagat,today afternoon. Not to say,I read the book really fast (as I usually do) and I am done with it in approximately 4 hours.It was a very good reading experience after a long time.Of late, I had been out of the reading habit for unknown reasons.Reading this book, rekindled the passion in me. The thing I love the most in Chetan Bhagat’s novels is his style. The casual journey through the story gives you the feel of a pleasant tour down the country-side. And you don’t feel like you are reading something that’s new to you. It’s all the same thing we stumble on everyday,yet pictured in a different way. The concept of  united India and love marriage in India instills some real thinking in the minds of the readers.To those who still stick to state,caste,creed,money,complexion statuses while arranging marriages, the book strikes with a perfect question-“What more do you need when there are two hearts in perfect understanding?” Indeed, matching of hearts of not only the couple but also their parents is a vital issue and  it has been very well portrayed. Moreover this book shows that love is not a cakewalk and  what true love requires. Also, what India needs, at present, is united hearts  than wars over every single reason people can think of. The book is as good as the previous three by the same author and is unique in its own way. Hats off to Chetan.