Today,my aunt had some work and I thought I will end up in the kitchen.Fortunately, she made all the vegetable dishes and my job was only to cook the rice, which was quite easy.After that, I fought with all the utensils and made them shine. Satisfied with myself, I started watching TV(????? ???? ?????? ??? ???????? ??? ???????????). Then tonight,my aunt called me and gave me a bowl of wheat flour and asked me to knead it.Then began my battle with the flour.However hard I try, I could not get it off my hands(??????? ??????).Somehow i kneaded it into dough and triumphed over it.Then came the problem of making the dough into round shapes for cooking. I tried to do it uniformly and ended up with amoeba shaped ones.??????????????? ??? ????? ?????? ??.At last I opted for the easiest job-transferring the onions from the bag to its respective basket.I opened the cupboard where the basket was kept and someone was waiting to greet me.Yeah,A lizard(Small one.though) and I was in no mood to say hello to it. I took up a broomstick and started chasing it.Omitting the description of the struggle,I come to the point.The lizard won the battle:( ????????? ??? ?????? ???????? ??, ????? ??!