Since my aunt and uncle are going on a trip to Singapore,I have to move to a hostel here at Bangalore.Though I have a feeling-“Ah!At last,all by myself”,I am a little confused and bewildered.This is mainly due to the loss of few comforts and the gain of few at the same time.To say,I don’t know how far I will be able to access internet(Since I don’t have access to internet at office šŸ™ ).Also,I don’t know if I will be able to convince my dad to get me a “plug to surf” connection.Apart from that,there’s always the problem of food,expenses and all that. On the other side, I have unlimited freedom of exploring places,things and getting settled with the city.However,a small guilty feelingĀ  of making my dad spend more(though necessarily) is residing in the corner of my mind.Though my dad always says-“Education is the first priority for any human and I will give anything to make sure that my children have the best of it”, I could not get over it.That’s a passing feeling that comes and goes,since I was a kid(i.e., whenever I make him spend too much for me).I have made up my mind to get the best out of this opportunity to improve myself in all possible aspects(??????? ???? ??????????????????????) It’s okay. So off to find my free way and I don’t know how I will manage my Blogging,Facebooking(Oh my god!Who will look after my aquarium on Facebook??),Tweeting etc after moving to the hostel.So people, be with me even if I come back after a long time.

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