Its great to¬† be back after 10 days. Due to some server problem, I could not use the internet as I used to. I got to know the difficulty of being away from internet when the world wide web has spun its cobwebs tightly around. Also I feel it even greater because I don’t have net access at office. People at my office justify that it is for confidentiality and my mind was screaming like-“Fools, what the hell?”. As if I am going to upload my “not-yet-properly-started” project on the web or as if I am gonna reveal all their works. Whatever! Now as I am going to move to a PG soon, this is gonna get even more difficult. I have said no to “plug-to-surf” option because of a variety of reasons (For example, its just 2 more months here at the maximum). So browsing centers are the only way to catch up for now. So I am gonna be a regular user rather than a daily user.