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A case for Kindle

As much as I hate giving up buying hard bound or paperback books from the shop, getting lost in the new book smell and the pages of a whole new world, I recently realize Kindle has more perks to it than I care to admit. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t ever want to be that person who only buys intangible ebooks and I will not be. Now and then, I buy paperbacks to indulge and also to rest the guilt in me for moving away from them, even for a tiny bit.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize Kindle has more perks than I care to admit:

  • I love book shopping in book stores but currently I am on bed rest for a medical condition and I cannot go book shopping even if I wanted to. And since I have more time on hand, I can read more books at a faster rate and I find myself restless to wait until Amazon/Flipkart delivers the books I order. But with Kindle, one click and voila, I have a book to read in a matter of minutes.
  • Again, for a reason, I can only read books that are light, books that don’t turn my imagination to gore and violence. I was reading ‘The song of Fire and Ice’ and I had to stop midway. So this cuts down the type of books that I can read. So I get more restless once I find a book that I can read. I need to have it immediately. Kindle to the rescue!
  • I can carry my entire collection in one notebook sized device. No need to worry that I left a book at my parent’s place but have a craving to read it again. Of course, I shouldn’t be as mindless as to leave my Kindle behind! 😀
  • The biggest perk of all – With Kindle, lending books gets complicated. I cannot lend one book and read another – a good reason to not lend books. I am not selfish, I am just possessive about my books and book borrowers have only proved me right. At least, those who borrowed from me. I have a borrower who borrowed a book an year ago and never returned it. I doubt if she even remembers she borrowed it from me or if she has the book safely now. I have another one who borrowed 4 volumes of a classic and returned only 3 to me. I had to do everything short of begging to get the 3 volumes back. And she keeps saying she returned all 4. Sigh! I hate incomplete book sets. The saddest part is she didn’t even read the books. The least she could have done is keep it safe and return it, if she is not able to read it. These book borrowers being close relatives doesn’t help matters because you can only ask so many times. And if they say I already returned it and you know they are lying, well, what can you do? Spoil the relationship by speaking out or be quiet and mourn the loss of yet another book.

This is one reason I have a closed bookshelf at my place. I go gaga over open, artistic bookshelves but I have seen people who don’t even turn a page on a regular day ask if they can borrow a book when they see such beautifully arranged books. Can’t blame them, it is the magic of books. But I never get the books back and that’s the part I hate. Even worse, I get the books back in a dilapidated state. It just breaks my heart. Anyway, I digress!

So with Kindle, my heart rejoices that I need not go through the pain of lending and waiting anxiously for the safe return of my book babies. And when I am off my bed rest, I will buy as many paperbacks as I want and keep them in my closed bookshelf 😀

Until later 🙂

P.S: Don’t take me to be heartless because of my rant against book borrowers. I know a good book borrower when I see one. One who loves books as much as I do and one who understands the magic of reading. Such people rarely borrow books. They only do so, with great hesitation, when they can’t help it, like they really cannot get the book they want or if they want to check out the book first.


This post is dedicated to all those who answered the infinite why’s from all directions and owned up to their life decisions. May more people make the choice to answer than to succumb wordlessly.

Because I want to.
Because I like it.
Because I choose to.
Just because I can.
Because I have to the right to decide what I want to do.
Because I know what I am doing.
Because my life’s priorities are mine alone.
Because it’s my life.

Let’s start taking control of our life and stop trying to control others’ lives. Let’s own up to what we do with our lives and let each of us decide their life choices.

Until later 🙂

October’s the One!

Of late, I have been writing in spurts. Either I write multiple posts in a short span or I don’t get time to write at all. I have been trying to schedule posts but that’s not working too well either. Sigh! In any case, I hope all this is falling into place come November. There’s a change in work and I am changing it for good. The new work has more scope for writing and I can’t be more excited about it. So with this new twist, I hope my work-life balance gets better and I have more time for blogging, reading, cooking and romancing with the hubby 😛 And I have a plan in place to get a compact stationery kit and a journal that am gonna cary around to write as soon as the words appear in my mind.

October being the birthday month arrived with lots of excitement and work. It has been busy from the start with sis-in-law’s wedding giving it a kick start, then lots of travel, and the much hyped Diwali – the first Diwali after marriage coming up. I have already completed my birthday shopping and have got a gift from the hubby too 🙂 A simple and stylish fastrack watch! I was so excited to wear it immediately but hubby put his foot down since I have a obssession for using new things immediately. So now I am waiting for the 20th to come to wear it. Almost immediately after the birthday, we are leaving for home for the Diwali celebration. There is much fuss and hype going at home since this is the first big celebration after our marriage but we don’t feel any different. We both hate crackers and all the pollution and hence refrain from them. Our diwali tradition is to relish the home food, watch a bit of TV, spend quality time with family and a visit to the temple for a special application to God(This I do for my loved ones who are more religious).

I also have a few books on the list, Rebecca, the epic twins- Ramayana and Mahabharata for starters. I have already read the epics long back and quite familiar with them but recently I stumbled upon the acclaimed Rajaji’s version and hence I thought of giving it a go again. I picked up Rebecca as Aathira’s review inspired me.

So this month is the one which has brought in a lot of good changes and I sure hope the pieces of my puzzle are falling into place for the long run. I am grateful for all that life has given me and pray for the strength I need for the upcoming challenges. So how have you been? How’s life treating you?

Until later 🙂

To the idiots on the Bangalore roads


To the idiots on the Bangalore roads,

I have a bone to pick with you. In fact, given the nature of your actions on the roads I would like to break your bones but being the self-centered, concerned Indian that I am forced to be by my survival instincts, I would suffice myself with writing this post on my space and yelling at you on the roads when your actions irk me.

– What is with that inadvertent nature of driving a huge ass car for a single person on those narrow roads like you own the road? I can understand if you are picking up a few generations of your family from the airport but you drive your monstrous car even if you are the only person travelling to a few km away. What’s with that? You know that navigating the traffic in bangalore is like navigating through a hellhole for people? Even you must find it difficult to reach your place in time. So why contribute to it?

– Some nincompoops of your kind seem to think that roads are meant for practising their stunts with bikes. I saw one of your kinsmen doing a wheelie on the K.R.Puram bridge with a pillion rider. Roads are not for you to show off your skills. Practise in the playgrounds and break your head, who’s gonna care? Why do you need to do that in the middle of a heavily used bridge causing imminent danger to others?

– I don’t understand your aversion to indicators and attraction to horns. You don’t use the indicators but just cut in when ever you feel so but yell your lungs out if it results in a crash. Even if you use the indicators, you turn it into an amusement tactic where you switch the left indicator on and go right. Are you nuts? While you show this ignorance to indicators, you seem to have developed a love-hate relationship with the horn. Pressing the horn so hard while at a signal? DOES NOT WORK. It will only give you angry stares, which of course, you don’t care about.

– Barriers on the roads are meant to wake your brain up to the possibility that this route is not for heavy vehicles. There might be a million reasons for it, like for instance your vehicle might be too big for the road bends. Why not try respecting the barricades once instead of forcing your way in through them and blocking the entire road with you wedged in the middle? I could even understand if it gets you through faster. But you get stuck like a trapped monkey in the narrow bends of the narrower roads thus effectively rendering the entire road unusable and blocking hordes of smaller vehicles along with you.

– For gits who didn’t get an opportunity to perform in circus and so fulfill that desire by travelling with a wife on the pillion, 2 kids wedged in between and one baby on the head, read point #2. We don’t have time for your circus performances while rushing to work, so why don’t you put up a private show and we’ll visit. Deal?

– Idiots who drive with a cell phone in one hand, I have a variety of colorful names for you. I do serve them to the pleasure of your ears but you don’t care. We know you are good at multi-tasking, but there is no need to show off by texting with one hand and driving a bike with your wife and baby on the pillion. I so wish that I could super glue your hands to the steering/hand grips of your vehicle so that you wouldn’t attend a call or even worse text while driving.

– To those brainless existences who think there is a spitting competition on who spits the farthest, I wish I could sue you or rather sew your mouth shut so that you don’t treat the road like your private wash-basin.


This list could really go on but I know not one of you will care. Still I couldn’t resist. So you continue your out-of-the-world antics that will one day really send you out of the world and orbiting into space and I will continue swearing at you and blaming God for forgetting to give you that thing called a brain.

Yours truly pissed off,
An Indian on the Bangalore roads.

Until later 🙂

P.S: Came across this in Google, maybe we all need it soon

Can’t, Won’t, Don’t


I can’t let my mobile battery go down below 20%. For me that is low battery.

I won’t be ashamed of happily sucking on a lollipop on the road.

I don’t like writing for commercialized prompts or contests anymore. I do like to take up prompts and challenges but not the kind where you write a post about some product without even having used it. And that’s just an example.

I can’t eat rice for dinner to save myself. Rice or rice-like dishes. On the other hand, if you give me Dosa for dinner everyday of the year, that’s just fine.

I won’t spare my weekends for anything, especially the Sunday evenings. I have a list of chores to be done and then relax. The Sunday evening is my week’s respite. It’s the me time.

I don’t need an anonymous blog with an audience after all. I do have an anonymous identity online but it’s just for me, like a filter. That’s just my space. Some posts from there might find their way here based on the relevance of the context and my judgement. Others, well let’s just say they were meant to be written not to be shared.

I can’t tolerate if someone folds the clothes inside out just as it came out from the washer. It bugs me until I fold it correctly.

I won’t stop reading Harry Potter, even if I have read it thousands of time before.

I don’t stand rules that have no logical backing or that have gone obsolete. I need all my questions of ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ to be answered if you expect to follow some rule. At the least, I need to figure out an explanation that satiate me.

I can’t say no to chocolates. Cadbury is where it is because of me. [I think they should give me some special discount]

I won’t be as naïve as I once was. So if you know me from before and know me now after a gap, don’t think I’m the same.

I don’t like people who overdose on boasting about themselves. Narcissism has its limits and you better know it if you want to be around me.

I can’t survive a day without spilling. One hour into wearing a new white dress, you can find a spill on it. Whether it is cooking or eating, the kid in me spills. No, I don’t have shaky hands or nerve issues. That’s just how I am.

I won’t stop believing in love, however hard life makes it.

I don’t get answers to some of my desperate questions and I don’t know why I don’t get them either. Life better have some pretty good reasons for this.

Until later 🙂

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