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Just to kill time???

Hi people,

Had a tough day @ office today.Nothing special to blog about.However, random thoughts are flashing through my mind like a multi-coloured  string. So I think I gotta try hard to maintain the coherence and you gotta try hard to bear with me 😛

1.Yesterday was Sachin’s day and he was all over twitter,facebook,blogs,Gbuzz and what not… Strangely, I felt out of place. The reason being the fact that I can’t appreciate cricket as  much as many do. There had been and still are times when I had been crazy about cricket (Note:Only if India played). The day before my last 10th public examination was the finals of a close ODI match between India and Pakistan. From that day to this one, I don’t know anything technical about the cricket rules and stuff. All I know is India wins or loses. I never even got interested in the game if India is not playing.I cannot logically offer reasons for what I feel. I appreciate the players and all that stuff. Still…… So, I can understand that it’s a combination of players’ achievement and the country winning,but sadly, the former part fades out of my mind most of the times. It’s been a while since I stopped or rather I lost touch of matches even when India plays.No specific reason,though. With all the hype that came up yesterday, I can’t help getting that old crazy feeling.However,”Only if India plays….” still stands. Hats off to Sachin though all I know is he won India another match and I am  and will be a fan of him for that.

2.The second erratic thought of mine is totally incoherent with the former. It is the fact that how people cannot forget  bitter things though they fully forgive the person who caused it. This has been going on in my mind for  a while. It’s true that human memory is a double-edged sword. Pleasant memories are not a problem. However,we simply cannot forget how we were hurt or exactly by what words were we hurt and the like. I often wish that if it’s possible for us to forget things that we really want to forget,though I know it would never work that way.

3.I have a problem in decision-making. Though I may have appeared to be decisive and steady to many persons,I frankly confess that I am not. I often regret things after I decide on it and when am halfway through it. This might happen to anyone,but,I found this pattern repeating in my life till last month.After much self-analysis or something of that sort,I have made some improvement in this issue. I don’t think it is much to be proud about,yet I feel happy about at least being able to think about this and try to sort it out. Hoping that I should be making a constant progress in the positive direction. 🙂 Also,suggestions from great decision makers are most welcome 🙂

4.This one is just a rant. I am tired of politicians running the media and accusing each other to cover up their own blunders.When is it going to be the time,when you could listen to the news without hearing “X did this and Y did this and so on…” When is it going to be the time when people are entitled to unbiased news on all media,not only in Doordharshan. I know this is one thing that is gonna be a rant for long,still I cant help complaining.

Started blogging today just to kill time,but am feeling better that I got these thoughts off my mind-train. Now that the traffic is lesser,gonna cheer up for the better.

See you,fellas. Until Later 🙂

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  1. Siddharth M

    “When is it going to be the time when people are entitled to unbiased news on all media,not only in Doordharshan”

    Even DD is biased these days 😐 Congress related stories are given undue importance. Money matters and it is sad that it has creeped into Journalism too. The News Channels are either owned by the political parties or the cold Businessmen, whose ultimate motive is Money. So, just like Corruption, etc, we just have to get on with this!!!

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