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There are some moments in life, which will kindle a wonderful feeling, just at the first thought. These might be as crazy as possible, as impossible as they could be and as fictional as mankind can imagine. These moments, often at first thought, may fail to impress. Yet, as for me, these are at the top of the list. 🙂

1. Get a 2nd chance of college life.

2.To visit Badrachalam by boat as in “Godavari” movie.

3. To travel endlessly in a roofless car, with music ringing in my ears.

4.To own a Nokia 5310 (This has been my dream since 2008, but sadly, when I got the chance to go for a new mobile in 2010, it was out of market  and hence I ended up with a 7230 :().


5. To eat icecream, while getting drenched in rain.

6.To buy a platinum set of accessories.

7. To swim everyday as long as I wish.

8. To own a splendid house. (It would be better if I could get a boat house :P)

9. To have a parachute experience.

10. To nuture a beautiful garden.

11. To visit wonders of the world(Not only the 7 that are listed, but all the awesome places worth visiting).

12. To visit north pole.

13. To have a library(Of course,only of story books :))

14.To learn Karate fully.

15. To learn to play cards 😛

16. To learn to sing really well(O.K. Don’t start laughing, now)

These are some “feel-good” moments  I always dream of. Some of these fall under the “possible” category, which I might get a chance to experience. Hoping to meet these moments in the near future 🙂


  1. Poorni.K

    of all the good ones mentioned abv, 4th point… like-o-like…:P i still remember unknowingly enquiring about its model no. to a person in a situation of ” life or death ” 😛 😛 . if u still have the craze i’ll give u mine wen i take up a new 1… ( and that might be some 2-3 yrs) 🙂 🙂

  2. keirthana

    @Pompo: I still have the craze. But, I need a brand new one, though I may settle for urs if in case u give it up 🙂

  3. Sathish

    “To learn Karate fully”
    it looks more like a warning than anything else. FOR ME it looks like, “dai size. dont spam my buzz. I know karate, i will kill you” 🙁

  4. keirthana

    @Size: Too much. 🙂 I don’t know karate. So, don’t worry 🙂

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