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Hey all,

It feels good to write after a long time. In the meanwhile, my life has taken a roller coaster ride and I have ended up at Hyderabad. So this post is just to make you catch up on my life (only if you want to ;))

Since CHN10AJ016 @ JAVA JUGGERNAUT, there were more special moments in the last few days at the training place. There were farewells as everyone got mapped to business units and the plans for travel, arranging for accommodation etc drove us through the rest of the days. I was one of the first few to leave for the business unit at Hyderabad (Actually I have updated a few more moments to my previous post.Have a look if you are interested :)).

Due to certain complications created both by myself and the company, when I left for Hyderabad, I had no idea of where my accommodation has been arranged, who my project manager was, what my project was and best of all, I actually started doubting if am mapped to the Hyderabad BU. This confusion was mainly created because of an intervening weekend which led to zero response from the company side. Yet I came here and somehow found all the necessary details (of course, after a hectic experience) and reported on the required date.

Fortunately, I got some good friends at Hyderabad who helped me out with everything. So now that I have settled with respect to work and hostel, I will be back to blogging (I guess 😉 ) This 2010 calendar year alone has rocketed me to 5 different cities till now. My travel map has touched Bangalore-Coimbatore-Trichy-Chennai-Hyderabad. I wonder what else is in store for me this year. I have been trying to do this post for the past one week, but uncertainty about work and PC at office prevented me from doing so.For now, work doesn’t demand much from me. Time will tell how am gonna survive in this corporate world.

Until later 🙂

CHN10AJ016 @ Java Juggernaut

When I started my career on June 7, 2010, I never thought that this “CHN10AJ016” would mean to me this much. It all started out like a typical class, struggling for interaction. However, over a few days, our batch turned to be one of the best-interactive batches, in my opinion. The honorable reason for this is basically 1 person-Mohamed Sithik, fondly called the gangleader, batch topper, Sithik anna etc. This anna can survive without eating, but not without talking. With this initiative, Easwar, Sam, Deepak anna, Guru Prasad and others kicked off the perfect interaction, that I never managed to enjoy during college life (Which had been on my regret list for those 4 years).

There are special moments that cannot be confined to 1 post, but I will jot down a few which deserve the highest honor:

1. The daily fun that starts as Sithik anna and Sam start teasing Subaraj, Bino anna and Boopathi for any reason they can think of.

2. Nick names that are weird in every sense 🙂

3. The google group(ni-ju-yan) created for academic purposes, is used for evry other reason with a tinge of academic mails,that comes only from our trainer. 😛

4.The funny decorations that depicted something which  none of us understood till date.

5. Little thefts in the class (master-planned by sithik anna and Sam) that send the owner of the stolen things on a searching spree for the day.

6. The first batch outing, organized as an Outreach visit. It was definitely a lifetime experience. (More on this: https://ch1blogs/blogs/239434, but this link can be viewed only by people in my company)

7. The birthday parties and treats-Cakes, Gifts and the famous poetry on the greeting cards specially written for the birthday baby (This poetry is again gifts bestowed by aanmeenga kavignar Sithik and puratchi kavignar Sam) which make us laugh till we have tears in our eyes. 🙂

8. Special mention to August 19th,2010- Having ordered a cake for Sandhya,Vidya and Jagadeesh anna who shared their birthdays in the same week, Subaraj (surrounded by 5 aaruyir nanbargal to protect him) was bringing the huge box to our class. Since bringing edibles to class are not allowed, the security attempted to stop these guys. The thick friends of Suba vanished in a moment and Suba caught in a fight or flight situation decided upon the later. As the running race came to an end, the security had already caught up to our class with the help of walkie-talkies. Then, convincing the security that we really didn’t know that edibles were not allowed to class, is another big story. The real comedy was when the security later told us, actually it wouldn’t have been a problem if Suba had stopped and explained the situation to him and kept the cake in the pantry to be taken out later and enjoyed.

9. The food-craze that prevails among the guys, especially Easwar, Sithik anna and Sam(Occasionally accompanied by Deepak anna and Subaraj). Any edible stuff  is stuffed into their mouths even before their mind processes what the stuff is. The speed at which 1 glass of fresh lime juice goes poof with 5 straws is really worth mentioning.

10. The way these guys, find reasons and incidents to tease us (Lavanya and Sandhya are the all-time victims while me, Nargunadevi and Jayapriya are also pulled into the trap, now and then)

11. The fun sessions with Boopathi as the mediator The Dumb charades, The robot game,Tom and Jerry game (Actually Robot and Tom and Jerry became more of a hit session, as we start hitting the blind-folded person with paper balls) and Anthakshari. Also, the chris-mom and chris-child game that we played for the friends’ week led to funny tasks and funny gifts.

12. The podhu maathu for the topper of the respective assessments.

13. The days when our class guys take up umbrellas from the common umbrella bin, when it was neither hot nor rainy, singing “Antha vaanatha pola manasu irukka..” for Bino anna.

14.CRICAT’10 brought me rewards which I didn’t deserve 😉 and I got new friends through Sam. I never thought I will go to a cricket match even as a substitute, but it happened.

15.The beatings that Sam and Easwar will get from us, especially me, with Deepak anna giving slight hints as of how to beat them more effectively.

16.The silly fights and sentimental talks 😉 (Sam, this one’s for you)

17.Among all chaos, the sleep that Jegadeesh anna enjoys invariably(Deepak anna too, but the difference is Jegadeesh anna will do when all others are playing and Deepak anna will do when the class is going on :))

18.The precious last few days at SFEW01 with me, Boopathi, Sam playing arm wrestling and of course, I got beaten in all the matches 🙁

As these days narrowed down and as people started to leave to explore their career elsewhere, I felt one of the best times of my life coming to an end. I am surprised at how soon Monday-morning-blues became Friday-evening-blues, as we started feeling bored on weekends. I cannot do justice to these wonderful days, how much ever I write as it is too short a period, yet too long for the amount of fun we had. All I can say is, CHN10AJ016 is unforgettable for me.

Only photos and videos are left to relive those moments. I am reminded of this famous forward-“ Life is so unfair. First, it gives us so much time to know each other. Then, when we know each other well, we don’t have enough time to be together”. This has happened more than once in almost all of our lives and this time, words are not enough to describe the impact.

Until later:)

Friends :)

True friendship is when you can just sit beside your friend, remain silent for a long time and take leave with the satisfaction of having had a long conversation. There will be so many friends for each of us. But, some succeed to leave their footprints in our sands of time, forever. I have had wonderful friends with me till this day. Out of my many good friends, there are 4 who are my best (Others, please don’t take anything offensive, since the list is too big to start even). They never deserted me in any situation,even when I was on the wrong side and they made me realize a lot of things. This post is an attempt to pay a tribute to them in my own way.

Guruprasad@Aditya- The one who is with me since we met during KG days, till now (Only that, in the later stages of our lives, we decided to turn the bond into a lifetime partnership. However, that doesn’t stop him from being my friend :P). The one who knows more about me, than I myself know.The one guy, who bore all my tortures, who always goes out of the way to mend things for me, who chooses the best things for me, even if it’s not exactly the best for him . The one, who taught me not to support anything just because I like it and not to criticize anything just because I don’t like it. The one who is ready to fight with anyone (I mean the word “Anyone”) just to prevent them from hurting me (There has often been times, when he fights with me to prevent myself from hurting me, by taking a wrong decision).This list about him will go on endlessly. One post or one paragraph will be a very feeble attempt to describe our friendship. In the future, I might (might not) even write a book on us. (He is now at Bangalore to explore his career path).

Venkatakrishnan- A mutual friend to me and Guru, always wishing the best for us. Whatever happens, this guy is one who will always remain the same and be by our side. The one who is always there to advise us when in confusion, tease us when we are stupid, smile when we are happy and to be sad when we are so. In short words, he is the “Legal adviser” for me and Guru. I always quote him as “Gem of a person” meaning a nice person and sometimes abbreviating “Ginger eating monkey”:P This idiot studied the same crap that I did, in UG, but managed to be more knowledgeable than me at the end of 4 years and hence has decided to pursue M.S in the same stream. He is gonna be off to USA in a few days 🙁

Rathi Kannan Munukur- The one who made my college life much more enjoyable than it actually would have been. We both are so different yet so similar (yeah, that’s the way we are). We are so close, however we never influence each other. An appropriate example for us would be the parallel railway tracks. She inculcated so many values in me, without me knowing it (For example, I was never the kind of a person to have a second thought about dropping  a waste paper or a water bottle on the road. I don’t know till now, when I changed. However, I can say that the reason is Rathi) Her friendship is one of the treasures I got in this life and now she is already off to do her M.S.  🙁

Ramya- The one who spent the shortest time with me among all friends, yet had a great impact. I have never called this idiot just by her name. It will always be either a dog or a buffalo or a pig or at the least Ramya suffixed with any the before mentioned words. We both are so alike in character that we started to try finding “Six differences” between us. We found a few, but all of those were with respect to food preferences and nothing else. This idiot will complete whatever sentence I start and then will complain that I never let her tell anything. She is the proud recipient of  maximum number of pinches, beatings etc from me. The one who is an expert in Aptitude solving and literature skills but never accepts that she is. After having accompanied me in my craziest dreams about having “twin-houses” in Bangalore and some similar stuff, she is now working so hard at Bangalore that she couldn’t even talk to me properly 🙁

Now, all of these idiots (though I won’t call Rathi an idiot ;)) are not with me now physically, I am thinking of them every single day and am missing them very badly (It’s not that I don’t miss other friends of mine who have made a difference in my life).Thanks to all my friends and special thanks to the readers for bearing with such a long post.

Until later 🙂


There are some moments in life, which will kindle a wonderful feeling, just at the first thought. These might be as crazy as possible, as impossible as they could be and as fictional as mankind can imagine. These moments, often at first thought, may fail to impress. Yet, as for me, these are at the top of the list. 🙂

1. Get a 2nd chance of college life.

2.To visit Badrachalam by boat as in “Godavari” movie.

3. To travel endlessly in a roofless car, with music ringing in my ears.

4.To own a Nokia 5310 (This has been my dream since 2008, but sadly, when I got the chance to go for a new mobile in 2010, it was out of market  and hence I ended up with a 7230 :().


5. To eat icecream, while getting drenched in rain.

6.To buy a platinum set of accessories.

7. To swim everyday as long as I wish.

8. To own a splendid house. (It would be better if I could get a boat house :P)

9. To have a parachute experience.

10. To nuture a beautiful garden.

11. To visit wonders of the world(Not only the 7 that are listed, but all the awesome places worth visiting).

12. To visit north pole.

13. To have a library(Of course,only of story books :))

14.To learn Karate fully.

15. To learn to play cards 😛

16. To learn to sing really well(O.K. Don’t start laughing, now)

These are some “feel-good” moments  I always dream of. Some of these fall under the “possible” category, which I might get a chance to experience. Hoping to meet these moments in the near future 🙂


Hi all 🙂

I am awed at the way how our moods change by slightly changing the perspectives. During the first 2 weeks at Chennai, I hated corporate life for being monotonous, tiring, demanding and what not. I hated Chennai for being dirty and polluted. I hated shopping due to the crowd. I hated classroom training, because it was  boring.

Now, I like Chennai for its glorious sunsets and clouds. I like corporate life for the challenges and changes it give(And of course, the money it gives :P). I like shopping for the joy of roaming with friends. I like classroom training for the fun our batch is having here. 🙂

So, if I choose to see :


instead of :




instead of

 Life seems so better and interesting. Having fun is one thing that eases our lives at any situation. This is easier said than done. I have just decided and am gonna try implement it. Hope all becomezzz well 🙂

Until later 🙂

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