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Looking back!

Long gone are those days, when homework/assignments/exams to be submitted were the greatest headache. Things change and as the clichéd truth goes-“Change is the one thing that never changes”. It is amazingly wondering to look behind and see that we have come past so many things and have experienced “Change” itself in full glory. The transition from our perspective doesn’t seem to happen at all. But lo and behold, 1 day you look back and you are forced to accept that those days seem like a million years ago though in real you have been alive for just 20 odd years.

When I look back,I see a range of colors in my life starting from the excitement of sharpening a new pencil to playing Happy Aquarium endlessly and now to think of it, I could not wonder if it was really me. Even when I go to places where I grew up or studied or even when I see photos of places where I have my nostalgia, I cannot help but realise that what I miss the most are really not those places but my childhood that I had there. The memories that I had there. People have been in and out of my life and I have been in and out of other people’s life too. However, I am happy where I am and who I have now. It’s just a reminiscence to see how people change with life.

The level of mental mind-set, opinions or perspectives or maturity – Call it whatever! It doesn’t just seem so that we and our perspectives change based on even the smallest of incidents that happen in our life or in the life that surrounds us and yet, we don’t notice it. I don’t deny that we still cling on to certain things like in my case, still Harry Potter ser??ies is the same to me how much ever times I read it and the “Friends” sitcom is the same how many ever times I watch it and my iPod collection sounds the same to me. It’s just time that tells you when you will grow out of it and if you will at all. Some things/people run deep that you will have them until you live, even after our perspective towards them changes. And others, we just move on because we have to.

All these traffic is because of me reminiscing about certain things that I had but do not have now and about certain things that I still have and will always have. 🙂 I have the best things possible going on and I am looking forward to them and at the same time I also have my insecurities and fears but I know I will just be fine.If you are in the same boat as me, leave your thoughts here. I’d be glad to know.

I know I have come a long way. And I am definitely happy about it.

Until later 🙂


  1. Gautham

    One year in cognizant and now itself you are talking like a philosopher 😉

  2. Keirthana

    This has nothing to do with Cognizant 🙂

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