I think, therefore I write


I got the below lines as a good morning mail. Ever since I saw these lines, there’s been a change. Everyday is being a better one than the before.

“It’s ok to have fears
It’s ok to make mistakes
It’s ok to give up on something
It’s ok to be quiet sometimes
It’s ok to cry when everyone laughs
It’s ok to laugh at a joke if you liked it
It’s ok to love the one who may not love you
It’s ok if you dance like a duck gone wild
It’s ok if you sing like a frog gone wilder than the duck
If being what you are, makes you happy then it’s great to be yourself!
Love yourself and life would have a crush on you!”

Now, I don’t hesitate to sing a song that I like just because my room mates might think that I croak like a frog (which I do really, but the difference is I do it because I want to do it). These attitude change mails and messages-I have received ‘n’ numbers of such stuff before. But, the essence just sank in 🙂

Until later 🙂


  1. Arun John

    Good one 🙂

  2. Ramya

    Ah…Now you’re talkin !!!! 🙂

  3. Deepak

    Good one.. but a line to be drawn between the things that can be done(like singing) and that can’t be(Gossips, Betrayal…)
    And all these parameters differ from one another.. 🙂
    What am i tryin to convey??
    Anyone’s attitude shouldn’t affect or harm others

  4. Keirthana

    Thanks Arun and Deepak anna 🙂

    @Deepak anna: What you said is correct. The lines in the post say about attitude in the positive sense, but if people disturb others and say it is because they are being theirselves, then the truth is that they haven’t really got the realization of being oneself.

    @Ramya: Typical of you 😛

  5. Siddhique

    @keirthana: simply say “sithik mathiri!!!”… Anyways i usually dont like publicuty!!! this s just for u!!! wait a min,oh i gotta go(call from my nanban!!!) hello yaru deepaka!!!

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