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Vantage point trouble

She was just walking down the street hunting for a general stores to buy a water bottle so that she can return home soon and rest after the long, tiring day. Just then, spotting a general stores, she walked up the stairs. At the entrance, stood 2 guys in full-hand formals, looking like IT professionals. There were inspecting a bucket with great intent as if they are checking if it could bear their weight instead of the water’s. Another guy, in normal-looking clothes stood blocking the entrance. His posture was like that of the I-am-the-incharge, not leaving way for her to enter.

She: Idhar water bottles hain? (Are there water bottles here?)

The guys inspecting the bucket change their interest from the bucket to the conversation.

He stares blankly. She thinks-“Oh, Maybe he doesn’t know Hindi”.

She: Ikkada water bottles undha? (Are there water bottles here?)

Again, a blank stare for a moment. The guys who were inspecting the bucket suddenly burst into laughter.

The blank-stare guy hits himself on the head and says-“Naa paristhithi ila aayi poyindhi!(My state has come to this!)” and moves aside.

Then, it dawned on her that she had mistaken the IT guys’ friend who also came to buy a bucket and who might also be a probable IT professional, as the shopkeeper guy. Red-faced, she mutters a sorry and at the same time wonders why she couldn’t control her laughter at that embarrassing moment. Hurriedly buying a bottle from the shop she comes out, with the guys giving her a weird look.

And after a while she realizes, it was not an embarrassment  to her after all 🙂 😉 It was the guy’s 😛

Until later 🙂


  1. Poorni. K

    good one 🙂 sondha experience a?

  2. Keirthana

    Thanks Pompo 🙂 Sondha experience thaan. I got reminded of college days. Like this, we all have had many experiences in those days na? Though not exactly of the same kind. 🙂

  3. Poorni. K

    yup 😀 And guess we’ll never forget suji asking jayaraman sir \ECE dept HOD yaaru?\ 😛 And HP petrol bunk la nalini panna lab coat comedy 😉
    P.S: With my vision getting worse, I don’t like ur blog’s idea of asking me to enter random texts every time I comment :/ Is it possible to remove that?

  4. Keirthana

    🙂 🙂 And Sorry Pompo, that recaptcha thing is not customizable. I guess it is so to avoid spam. I guess it will be a good test to your vision but I think “Be lazy where you can afford to be” inga adi vanguthu nu. 😛 Is it so? 😉

  5. Poorni. K

    ejjactly 😛

  6. Siddhique

    Can u guys talk in english? i dint get anything…. OMG!!! tamil is hard to understand like girls!!!

  7. keirthana

    @Siddhique Anna: Naanga pesara local english laam ungala madhiri US return ku puriyathu. Mannichukonga.

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