I think, therefore I write

6 Reasons why I blog!

First of all, I like reading. Hence, my thoughts are influenced as well as challenged by stuff I read. And, it always feels better to pour out what you think than to struggle inside.

Second, there will be some times when you are so bored, that any of your usual ways to while away the time will seem too-lazy-to do-it, but blogging will not be. The reason being you can even put up a post on why you are bored, what you are bored about and all such crap. If you are witty enough, you can make a good post on any topic.

Third, it is just fun to type. You can call me crazy, but I love to type. If it was still the time for typewriters, I would have started out to make a good typist.

Fourth, since my childhood, I love to have an unrestricted freedom of expressing what I think. I have fought my way long and hard to achieve that, till now. Blogging gives me that freedom and I use it well.

Fifth, I have a liking for presentation aspects. I like the feeling when I think hard to find the exact words that would put forth my racing thoughts. Occasionally I take a break and just blog spontaneously.

Sixth, w.r.t to my Cognizant blog, I get rewarded with Wah points. W.r.t my blog here, I can put all the crap I can which is inappropriate to put in a corporate blog forum and yet can say-“This is my blog and I will put whatever I want” 😛

These reasons are the ones that I picked from the top of my head and in no chronological order of importance.

Until later 🙂


  1. Raj

    Hi my self Raj. working in Infosys as mobile web application developer.I went through u r blog.It’s cool.congrates…..for working on android applications…it’s interesting n we are also working on it..hope u continue this cool blogging..good day…


    • Keirthana

      Thanks. I am just a newbie in Mobile Web applications.

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