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The Bangalore Trip and the World Cup Fever!!

As already mentioned in my earlier post, I had a very nicely planned trip to meet up with my parents and bro. The trip was fun and ended up really well than expected. Some good things got settled for our family and I am extremely happy about it. Once officially confirmed, I will let out what it is. Until then, keep guessing.

I got to meet Ramya for 1 evening. That was by far the most wonderful evening I have had in the past few months after joining corporate work. Those 3 hours flew like anything and we couldn’t get enough of it. The walk from Cosmos to Spring Beauty, the bean bag, the balcony (one that looks like the balcony in Jillunu oru kadhal film :P), the gossip, the photos, the damsel and cowboy hats, the walk to tea talk to find it empty :(, then the stop for tender coconut, the stop at Mc’D for iced tea and French fries, the comments on couples and babies there – All of these just made us relive the evenings of our college life. The persons and the actions were the same, though the places and perspectives were different. Once again, she taught me to live every second of life as if it was the last. Thanks, you pig!!

Coming to the second part of my post, I was very thrilled that India had made it to the finals and was not able to sleep properly on April 1st night (Adding to it was that I spent that night on train) I was a bit gunned down by the fact that I have to watch the match at my relatives’ house which will mean I can’t yell each time our team scored and swear each time the opponents got a wicket. I was not happy with the fact that I have to sit like a doll and watch a match that India played for something more than life. Anyway, having consoled myself that at least I get to watch the match, I switched on the TV. The toss drama was too much for me and my BP started rising even before the match started. Everything later on, from the point of the opponent winning the toss to their score of 274 was a night mare to me though it was good that we got a few early wickets. Then came worse ones as the openers of our team stumbled, I thought this is the worst match for India, after all the hype it got after performing well in the knock out matches. Then came our players with true spirit and made me regret for not believing in the team. A fantastic innings by the Indian team that made the match of their lives and more than that they made the night of a whole country. I do not wish to point at anyone in our team saying he did well or he did worse. Everyone on the team chipped in and that’s what it counts-team work. World cup 2011 was a hard-earned and a well-deserved award. That night was a night on which even the common man felt that he/she has achieved something great in life.

I want to use the world cup context to emphasize another point. The way the world cup united the people of our country was something that even great leaders of our country have found difficult to achieve. This shows that we can be more united than we seem to be. It is just there in us and I feel that we do not exhibit it more often. To say, for example, Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption motive deserves even more support than the world cup. We can make it if we set our mind to it. There are more to achieve out there. Let us start doing our bit.

Until later 🙂


  1. Guruprasad

    Ahem, ahem, is that all? 😉

  2. Keirthana

    Officially, that’s all, your honour! 😉 😛

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