Mr.Murphy at his personal best in my life:

In the morning rush to office, when I find my headphones in at their tangled best, just when I want to call family. This happens every day without fail, how much ever carefully I fold them in neat circles, the previous night. It is like they conspire against me over the night.

I will get a call only when I am washing my tiffin box or washing clothes, to keep it short, only when my hands are busy and I cannot attend the call.

Whenever I want to dry out my clothes, the lines will be full of other peoples’ clothes.

When I am on sick leave for that 1 particular day thinking there is not much work. The mishap has to be planned and executed on that day. Yes, somehow there will be more work and people who are supposed to work as my back-up will screw up and call me once in ten minutes for some doubt or other that I will wish that I had gone to office instead of facing this.

When I get really frustrated about Hostel food and decide to make Maggi for myself. The kirana shop will have all types of noodles, foodles and what not, but except the simple Maggi masala, which is the one I want.

When I buy something and find something better than that. Why? Why me? 🙁 🙁

When I am on travel with my mobile dangling on the last point of charge and my compartment’s charging point does not work.

Whenever I am awarded something at office, I will not be able to be there to receive it. Someone has to receive it on my behalf.

Whenever some function comes up in my family, it invariably gets fixed on the date when everyone will be planning for a leave and hence I have to play deal or no deal with my colleagues to get them to be my back up.

When I am craving for Mom’s dosa, a friend sends a mail with zillions of photos of varieties in dosa and I start thinking about the option of murdering the sender and going to jail (secretly hoping the food there will be better than the hostel’s).

My room has 4 plug points apart from the TV slot. Still I cannot find a place for connecting my internet modem and find a comfortable place nearby to sit and use my laptop. After trying all the permutations and combinations, I officially gave up and strew all the wires across my room and set it up in the lousiest yet best possible arrangement in my room.

Our team will have the most number of huddles, meetings and discussions, when I am working without a minute to spare. God sir, how good it would be if you could lend some of your hands. (But, I am not sure if I will refrain from strangling the person arranging such pointless meetings, with one of your hands.)

Until later 🙂

P.S: Post is prone to be edited as Murphy decides to try me with newer tricks.

P.P.S: This blog will be on long leave since I am off to my home starting tomorrow and will not be back for some 10 days. Bro’s marriage it is. Yay!