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She was always there. Being present. A silent spectator. When everything else took priority and acted to push her out. She clung on fiercely. She knew that what she was doing might not be practicality. She would have to wait only in the hope that someday it would be her turn. Someday her time would come. But the wait went on too long. She was pushed beyond her limits. She was caught up in the storm which threatened to engulf her completely. All she wished for was a little normalcy. A simple life. But life gave her everything but that. Madness was a daily call. Peace of mind had lost its meaning to her. There was nothing but chaos. Many a time she thought of ending it. There were so many simple ways for that. But that’s not the way.

Finally after too many days, the time did come. It was her turn to hold her head high. It was her chance to come into the light. But there she was, wasted and done. The sun had set for her long back and she went with the light. Turning from a shadow into entirely nothing. She breathed her last with the thought that she did something right. That she had taken the right decision even though it had cost her, her life. Life had come a little too late and she was no longer there to live it. The calmness which she asked for embraced her entirely. She was at peace at last. Life was not how she desired but after-life was.

Until later,
Keirthana 🙂

P.S: For those who don’t get it, my intention was to portray a vignette. An abstract one at that, which paints the turmoil a human mind goes through when subjected to extreme suffering in life. The dark ending is something that suits the vignette or so I feel. 🙂


  1. Es chris

    ironical as it may sound, this post resonates almost entirely with my life at the moment, and the daily trauma that I am going through.

    hi keirthana, I want permission to repost this post in my blog, with a link back to your website, with a clear mention that the author of this post is by you.

    I have lost my life virtually, and I have purposely obscured myself from society and for the past three years almost after hitting rock bottom in both personal and professional lives, I

    Since then, I have been focused on something that I strongly believe will change my life, for the past two years.

    The day that light happens, I want to break this anonymity and reveal my real identity, and come back to main stream society. that day will also show to all who read this post, about its relevance to the crap that I am going through at the moment, and how much that one thing is keeping me going.

    • Keirthana

      I wrote this because I have had the experience of this feeling. Coincidentally it resonated with your life too.

      Of course, you can share this with the due credits.

      Btw, as a person who has experienced this, I want to say that you should never lose hope and faith. Cling to that which you believe. Hope your life gets the desired light soon. I gave the post a dark ending because I wanted it to complement the scenario but in real life, I hope there is good happy ending for everyone. May you get all the strength needed to wade through this and come out soon.

  2. Soumya

    Just like the first comment, I have been through it too. But I did not give up! You have been with me throughout my journey via my blog, so you would know how I came out of that dark abyss.

    Next time you write a vignette, try to incorporate a picture and use that as the prompt. It frees the thought inside you.

    Lovely darling as usual. Reading this made me feel proud about myself. And you.

    • Keirthana

      Yeah, I know how awesomely well you handled it 🙂

      Thanks for the tip, darling!

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