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Dance with the words

A wise man once told me “A writer should always be impartial” and that got me thinking. Are we really impartial? We have our own spaces to write what we want and we have to admit that sometimes emotions climb up to the top priority and not the check on the bias in thoughts. I would be lying if I say all the posts I write are impartial. The perspective does creep in a bit now and then. As for me, being impartial is the mark of a great writer. To reach there, one needs a lot of shaping, tinkering and chiseling to be done to the way we think.

There are two kinds of writing – the one where we possess words and dictate their flow and the one where words possess us and dictate the flow of our thoughts. Perspective creeps into both forms although it comes through the former way more than the latter.

Possession over words comes with great thinking and effort. We dictate how we want to convey what we think. We refine every word to show or hide what is portrayed before our vision. The feeling of complete command over what is written is good but it never gets as ecstatic as the next form. When the words possess us, the feeling is inexplicable. It is as if we are taken for a roller coaster ride, thoughts come screaming out, we don’t bother how the writing would be received, we just write. Nothing else. Just write. And when we do that, nothing else matters.

Such is the power of words, that they dance to your tune and make you dance to their tune. When the chords sync, your heart is filled with joy.Β  I would say writing is an experience everyone must try at some level. Any level at which you are comfortable with. Be it a diary or a blog or a journal or a published book. Give it a try. Let your thoughts shape up. When you see the final picture, irrespective of how others think, there will be light in your heart.

Until later πŸ™‚

I must say it was a pretty good hibernation period for me. The past few months. I was away from the blogging world and twitter (Pretty much the only 2 social networks I am on). But I was neither lazy nor busy. I was doing certain things and was not doing certain other things. Productivity as usual took a hit πŸ˜› Β I want to thank the people who really stuck it out with me and supported me through comments. It meant a lot!

I was out there doing some projects in freelance writing and trying to figure out how to shape it out. That’s when life made me realize I need to mix and match. If you know enough about me, you would probably know my nature. I need a lot of things to keep me interested. Out of the big list that I come across, only few stay and those few really keep me hooked. I read that this nature is typical of a Libra but how much truth to attribute to that is up to personal opinions. So I am taking it in the stride.

Started watching How I Met Your Mother and I cannot justify why I didn’t start before. For more than 6 months, I had the episodes in my hard drive but never got past the first one. I don’t know why. Suddenly out of nowhere, I just started watching and kept going on. If F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught me about life and friendship in a way that I can relate to very much, HIMYM is teaching me life in a very real yet philosophical way which also has a romantic tinge because it is narrated by such a character. Being the die-hard romantic fan, it suits me. πŸ™‚

Started with a reading list of Agatha Christie’s. Usually I tend to cover as many books as possible by an author I liked. Now it is the time for the queen of crime.

So that’s about it and I will keep them coming. πŸ™‚

Until later πŸ™‚

Random Thoughts

There are certain things for which you long for. They will occupy your every dream, fill your eyes with glow when you think of them. However, you also know that you might never get them. In fact, the chances of them not coming true for you are greater. When this realization hits, there is a dull ache in your heart. It remains at the bottom of your heart, reminding you of what you want and what happens. You shrug it off and go about life as normal.Β The irony is at the same time,at some level, you also feel it is okay – That every dream does not come true, That some things are more important, That life gives you good things which you might not appreciate at that time, That maybe those dreams which you want are not made for you after all, That life just goes on after that heavy sigh you let out in longing.

Life does work in mysterious ways. It closed a lot of doors for me in the past few months. This month it is opening a few doors but I am not sure whether to use those paths or not. And as per typical human tendency, I am looking out at the door which is not opening yet and thinking “Why does it happen to me?” Sigh!

I have been doing some freelance writing online and it is making me feel better. It has been of immense help in developing my writing skills and getting more exposure on various things.

Every time I try tatkal booking using IRCTC website, I have to wage war against the idiotic website. Why the hell can’t they build a better website which handles such a great user load in a better way?

Health issues have been the trend of this year for me and my guy. Good lord, I will never ever take my health for granted anymore. Still praying and hoping on this part.

Until later πŸ™‚


Life is hard, nothing is working out right, feeling blue all the time since everything is falling apart, I want to write something but all I feel like saying is “Arggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh” like Phoebe in FRIENDS. Hope is the only thing that keeps it going.

Really sad and freaked out,

Yours truly πŸ™

Days of our lives

There are days like…


Missing a bus and waiting for half an hour among the huge crowd at the bus stop.
A can’t-get-a-break busy Monday.
Heavy rains when you are half way and you forgot your umbrella.
Your hair just won’t set.
You start making a hurried Maggi and realize the gas is over and there is no power for the induction stove.
You get into the bus and realize that you have only a 500 rupee note for a 12 rupees ticket.
You didn’t notice your weight increase in the last few months.
Your boyfriend does not understand that you cannot get off work early.
You realize that you haven’t blogged in a month.
Your bus stops a good 20 feet from you and by the time you board, the only space that is left is near the exit.
Your health plays hide and seek with one or the other issue causing daily trouble.


And then there are days like…


You miss a horribly crowded bus and get an empty one immediately after.
A work-done-early Friday.
You step inside your cozy home and it starts drizzling.
Everyone compliments your new hair-do.
You finish all the cooking and the gas burns out.
You have change to manage the entire week.
You suddenly discover you have lost a couple of kgs.
Your boyfriend plans a surprise evening and your boss is on extended leave.
You get more thoughts to write and compliments pour in for your blog.
Your bus stops right at your step and you get that 1 empty seat.
Your health is in a good shape for a while and you are happy.


However the days are, life does go on.

Until later πŸ™‚

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