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There are certain things for which you long for. They will occupy your every dream, fill your eyes with glow when you think of them. However, you also know that you might never get them. In fact, the chances of them not coming true for you are greater. When this realization hits, there is a dull ache in your heart. It remains at the bottom of your heart, reminding you of what you want and what happens. You shrug it off and go about life as normal. The irony is at the same time,at some level, you also feel it is okay – That every dream does not come true, That some things are more important, That life gives you good things which you might not appreciate at that time, That maybe those dreams which you want are not made for you after all, That life just goes on after that heavy sigh you let out in longing.

Life does work in mysterious ways. It closed a lot of doors for me in the past few months. This month it is opening a few doors but I am not sure whether to use those paths or not. And as per typical human tendency, I am looking out at the door which is not opening yet and thinking “Why does it happen to me?” Sigh!

I have been doing some freelance writing online and it is making me feel better. It has been of immense help in developing my writing skills and getting more exposure on various things.

Every time I try tatkal booking using IRCTC website, I have to wage war against the idiotic website. Why the hell can’t they build a better website which handles such a great user load in a better way?

Health issues have been the trend of this year for me and my guy. Good lord, I will never ever take my health for granted anymore. Still praying and hoping on this part.

Until later 🙂


  1. Ajay Kontham

    Well, there you are.
    So, how are you? You said something about the health… You alright ? Hope you are all good. Well take care.

    IRCTC : Almost everybody feels the same.

    Freelance writing ? Whoa wow. When did you start that ? I thought you were busy with work.

    Well, hope to see more posts from you. Take care. Keep writing. 🙂

    • Keirthana

      Yeah, am better now! Thanks!

      I started that Freelance thing when I was sitting idle at home recovering from the load of health issues.

      I am back on blogging space, just that haven’t read anyone’s blog in a while. Lots of reading and writing to be done 🙂

      • Ajay Kontham™

        Good to know.
        Just that you were off for a few weeks and then you came back and then again off for a few days (I guess). So, I thought… ! Well, anyway everythings’ fine right now! Good. 🙂

        Oh, That sounds great. Like for a magazine/online publication/.. I just wanted to know so that I could too.

        Well, keep my blog out of that list. I have been writing pure cr*p these days.. and I highly recommend you to stay out of it. 😛
        And yeah, keep writing. Take Care. 🙂

  2. Soumya

    Freelance writing? Wow, congrats!

    As for the war against IRCTC you have the whole country with you. And life is not all that bad when you start understanding the mystery. Look inside the answer is within you. Didn’t get it? Then make your own life, questions and answers. Nothing else is simpler.

    Take care of your health. And ‘get well soon’ wishes to your guy too 🙂

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