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7 wants

Hello all 🙂

7 wants huh? But, won’t these be covered in 9 loves? Anyway, a challenge is a challenge and I will stick to it, no matter what! Some of my wants are really achievable, which I hope I will, in sometime. And some are just fantasies 😀 😀

1. My house with inbuilt swimming pool
I have already let out the secret that I am more like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. here. So, the idea of my house and me being responsible for its maintenance catches on to me. A lot! And the swimming pool part – A mandatory! I love water and hence swimming is my most favorite sport but sadly I couldn’t convert it into a hobby, due to lack of proper pools nearby.

(Now you too want one, right? :P)
Image Courtesy: www.lovedesignideas.com

2. An interesting job at Bangalore
This has been a want for so long. I am trying, trying and still trying to get to Bangalore. For some reason, a transfer or an alternative job eludes me. Excuse me Mr. God, If you exist up there, you know that this deal between you and me has been dragging for a while and you have crossed all deadlines and even extensions of deadlines. So if you do not want me to come up there and rip your head off, you know what to do!

3. A serene life
As of now, I am satisfied with my life. But until now, the serenity I wish and imagine in my mind has not presented itself. And that’s why I feel lost, at times. I am not sure if I wish to rewind and correct all my regrets or if I wish to just let it pass and be happy at the lessons I learnt. I want to figure out what my inner self wishes.

(I have always wanted this kind of peace)
Image Courtesy: www.mediterraneandiet.com

4. A fairytale world
I often drift to my imaginary  world, where all is well. I mean like the one in animation movies. All happy endings. Colorful. Musical. Serene.

Image Courtesy: www.dreamstime.com

5. A satin gown
I love satin cloth. The silky soft feel of it is so lovely. I really want a flowing gown like those in the weddings and fairy tales 🙂 All the better if it is a wedding gown. 😛 And I want it in either of the purple or blue or pink like in below shades.

6. A platinum jewel set
I love jewelry. Simple ones unlike those hanging off the necks of models in ads. Jewels are supposed to subtly enhance the looks and give a glow and not to choke the person by weighing tons of gold 😛 And I like the platinum shade more than gold. 🙂

Image Courtesy: www.platinum-anniversary-gifts.com

7. Shiny long hair
I want this in the likes of those shown in Shampoo ads. I don’t know how they film it like that, but I long for that kind of long and shiny hair rippling until my waist, just like a cascade.

Image Courtesy: www.flickr.com

Until later 🙂

P.S: Check out the collages on the right! I have been wanting to give a makeover for my blog. But, each time I try to do that, I end up hating the other themes and feeling that my current them is simple and best. So, I re-directed the urge to create a header for my blog, into these collages. I really love them. Colorful, aren’t they?

Eight Fears

Hey all,

8 fears this time!

ScaredI am not gonna add much pics to this challenge like I did for the previous 2. It is hard enough to accept my fears and write about them. Imagine me searching good pics about stuff that I am scared about the most. Yikes! Gives me shivers down my spine! No way!

1. Insects:

Insects might be the top list on every girl’s list. The extent of fear varies from insect to insect and its proximity to me. If I indulge in explaining them, it would be take forever. So, Insects scare me. As simple as that.

2. A horrible death:

Generally I do not watch horror movies. Now, thanks to a certain roommate, I am made to watch horror movies of insects, ghosts, alligators, snakes and what other weird creatures the insanely human mind can possibly imagine. And I found new respect for my long-lost fear of dying a terrible death.When my time comes, it should be painless and peaceful. I should not feel a thing. That’s my style.

3. Pursuers:

I do not know since when I got this fear about people pursuing me on roads, especially when it is dark and not crowded. But whenever I go by walk, I never let anyone come too close behind me. It is a creepy feeling. Either I will walk fast and go ahead by 10 feet or I will do some zig-zag walking on the road and let them move in front. You may call me paranoid, but I feel it is better safe than sorry.

4. Not finding the purpose of my life and not being at peace with the same:

This is one fear that eats my brain. I cannot say my career is my passion and I have considered a number of other choices, but not one has interested me. I keep on searching and till now have not found it. I can say it is difficult to get me interested in something. And by difficult, I mean crossing 7 mountains, 7 seas waala difficulty. But, once I get interested it is a million times more difficult to take it away from me. Maybe I am not trying my hand long enough at anything to get interested or whatever. Till now, this scares the shit out of me. All I want is even if I fail to find that so-called purpose and end up living a normal life, I must be able to be at peace with it. Passion or Peace. Absence of both is hell.

5. Speed:

This is also a recently discovered fear. I was a normal sane person until the third year of my college. But then, I had my first accident. Just a few days before my semester exams. It was an accident prone zone and I know that I would me smiling upon you from above if any vehicle had come from the opposite direction. My good luck, the road was deserted and people helped me to pick myself up soon and took me to aside. I guess since then, I have always feared the fleeting feeling that comes when you ride a bike. Since then, I drive damn slow. So, if you see a girl on the road, not going beyond a 30 kmph, please do not scorn at her! It is better if I am driving because I know I am in control, but when someone else is driving, my heart leaps at every throttle, threatening to pop out. And that will be the reason for me being so quiet on the ride if you decide to give me a lift sometime.

6. Height:

This is a recently discovered fear. It might have as well been there ever since I started walking, but I discovered it recently. I have never been on roller coasters, giant wheel or anything of that sort, because I know if I get into any of those, I will puke so hard that my intestines will fall out. So I have always thought it is just the speed and my ill-health that is keeping me away from the giant wheel. Now, height is added to the list. And I discovered this fear when my mom asked me to climb a ladder to hang a that-thing-which-jingles-in-the-wind (Sorry, I do not know what they call it) on the ceiling.I couldn’t even climb 3 steps of the ladder and how I got that thing hanging on the ceiling is yet another story.

7. Getting lost:

This is not so much of a fear. But whenever I venture on a new path, I carefully watch the path I walk and remember all sorts of landmarks. Cecelia Ahern’s “A place called here” just strengthened this nagging feeling. Just like the protagonist, I wouldn’t want to get to lost and if I do, I want to be found, more than anything else.

8. Not being able to express myself, when I want to:

This too,I am not sure if I could label it as fear. When I am in a position, not able to express my feelings, not able to get the right words out of my mouth, I would feel like being tortured. I hate that feeling or the thought of such a thing happening. When it happens with near and dear ones, they might understand what I am trying to tell. Well, at least they do,most of the times. But the thought of such a thing happening with strangers? Oh no! I do not even want to think about it.

What are your Yikes! kind of fears?

Until later 🙂

Nine Loves

Hey all 🙂

Awwww.. I think, I will enjoy doing this challenge. There are certain love of the life kind of passions/obsessions/likes for each person. Mostly we know what they are, yet sometimes we will need a knock on our head to remember/realize them. So to get on with my 9 loves,

1. Family: Of course, Family is my first love which includes Mom&Dad, Anna& Annie, Adhi& his family. Yeah. They come in packages. They are the best they can ever be and I love them for all the support they give me, all the understanding they shower me with, when I am being a brat. I love them for what they are and they love me for what I am. As simple as that.

Image Courtesy: Zedge.net

2. Friends: I have a very small circle of besties. To say more truthfully, I made the circle smaller. It is better this way for me. It is not like I am not a friendly person. I was an overly friendly person which led me into some troubles and hence I changed. Distance when by choice does you good 🙂 Nevertheless, I have certain friends who stood by me, no matter what, knowing fully, giving unconditionally. They are my second family. The saying ” A best friend is one with whom you can just sit in silence for an hour and leave with the satisfaction of having had the best conversation of your life.” comes true for me with these people.

Image courtesy: studentsoftheworld.info

3. Books: I love books. One of my long-term dreams is to make a mini-library out of my collections. I have started working on it. In my ancestral house, where I grew up, I was struggling to find a proper place for my books. They would be locked up in boxes and covered with dust-proof sheets. But, I have always dreamed of having a big bookshelf/cupboard for myself where I can stack as many books as I can. Now in our new house, I got that and I am making full use of it. So, if you visit me when I am 40, I can promise that I would have that mini-library ready and ongoing 🙂

Image Courtesy: upload.wikimedia.org

4. Music: I am no expert in music. I just love it in any pleasant form. I do not know to appreciate technically, but I will be in awe when I listen to a worthy piece. I have always wished and still wish that I had learnt singing. Listening to my favorite songs makes me feel lighter. I listen songs according to my mood swings. I listen to songs that I could relate to at that particular moment. And this is the reason my Ipod is filled with a wide variety of songs of many languages, many genres and from various eras of music.

Image Courtesy: rnbhaven.com

5. Dosa: This would again feature in the five foods post, but then again Dosa is an inevitable part of my diet. My parents got tired of feeding me dosa all the time. My mom has even cursed that I would soon get fed up with it and refrain from eating it for the rest of my life. But nothing of that sort happened. Feed me dosa with any side-dish, I will eat. Feed me Dosa 3 times a day, 7 days a week, I will still eat. Even when going to restaurants (for a change) I would love to have Dosa, but for the sake of my friends and to escape from my dad’s scoldings, I will have something else.

 Image Courtesy: recipes.keralaz.info

6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: I do not know if there is any sitcom better than this and I do not care. I will watch it again and again and still laugh the same way I did when I saw it for the first time. It is my favorite stress-buster. Never failed to cheer me up. One episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and I am good to go 🙂

Image Courtesy: celebitchy.com

7. Cadbury chocolates: I go crazy over Cadbury chocolates. I am having a hard time controlling myself from eating too much of these chocolates. I wish I could be one of those people who never gain weight how much ever they eat/whatever they eat. Sadly, my metabolism functions properly and hence I need to keep a check on this. 🙁

Image Courtesy: latestjobsindia.com

8. Animation movies: Call me a kid and I don’t mind. Animation movies always have happy endings and I love them. Filled with beauty, soothing songs and fantasies turning true, they help me get lost in a happier world than the one that I am living.

Image Courtesy: jonathandanz.com

9. Shiny/Glassy stuff: Anything that glitters is not gold. But, anything of that sort will catch my eye. One of my impractical fantasies is to live in a glass house fully furnished with shiny/glassy stuff. I know it makes no sense. But, a fantasy does not need to be sensible 🙂

Image Courtesy: snegidhi.com

What are your loves? Let me know 🙂

Until later 🙂

Ten Secrets

Hey all 🙂

Ten secrets of mine! Oh no! Did I give a commitment of being truthful, without analysing the pros and cons?? 😛 Anyway, let me get on with it.

10 secrets

1. I am a person who seeks attention. Yeah, pathetic no? Still, I love attention. I love it when someone appreciates me. Even if am modest about it, I really grin to myself inside like a kid presented with an unexpected surprise, pathetic loser that I am. Others opinion matter to me more than it should. I am working on it actually, but sometimes it gets the better of me. 🙁 (After reading this, you will not think low of me no? Please? *Batting eyelids innocently*)


2. I have lied a lot. But, never in the wrong intentions. It happened so that I had to lie, for the greater good. Honestly! Like, I had to lie sometimes to my dad, to save him and me the pain of a fight. We don’t get along sometimes and that too because we both have the same core characteristics and similar poles repel. Hai na? At such times, I simply refrain from telling anything. That neither makes me a liar nor a truthful person.

3. I have broken the heart of a person who loved me very much. I couldn’t regret it more. I am doing my best to heal the heart I broke. I know the scars will be there, yet I am doing the best that I can. The whole thing made me a better person. A stronger person. A more reasonable person. An understanding person. Life has taught me lessons, the harder way.

4. I cry when I am angry at someone. Somehow, my brain has been wired so that the anger nerve triggers the tear glands of my eyes. People think that they have hurt me and hence I am crying. Only I know if I am crying of anger or sadness. On a similar note, I cry a lot. A lot means more than you can imagine. But, I think it of as my stress-buster. I feel better once I let out the tears. It enables me to think. To analyse if I did any wrong. To make me strong enough to apologize if I had wronged someone.

5. I have lost touch with certain people in the past on purpose. I do not know if they understood or just let it pass. But, I had to do it and I have my reasons for doing so. You can ask, “What happened?” and I will answer, “Life happened”. Answers a lots of questions no? These 2 words! It does for me.

6. I love romantic novels, movies. Romance is like fantasy to me. I smile to myself when I see romantic scenes, read such books or hear music of romance genre. A fairy tale. That’s what I like to think romance is. Certain come true, certain don’t. So many of my fantasies are not practical, they might happen only in day dreams and movies. I know that. But, what’s wrong in dreaming? It just makes life better. The thing to know is that you should live your life and dream about your fantasies. If you start expecting to live each one of your fantasies, life will become difficult. If you know where to draw the line between life and fantasies, then no problem 🙂

7. I am a very sensitive person. Sensitive to all emotions. Anger. Love. Hate. Sadness. Happiness. Likes. Dislikes. Excitement. Disappointment. Any emotion comes to me only in strong doses. This is a very difficult thing for me to control. Nevertheless, I am trying a lot to control my emotions. But, when the storm comes, the dam breaks. That’s the status till now.

8. I am the less-giving person in my relationship. I have been that way till date. I do not know why. Maybe because I am demanding by nature. But, being the angel that he is, my guy gives, gives and then gives some more. I know that at times, he feels for me not being as reciprocative as I could be. 🙁 However, I work on it and after a while I find myself in the same state as before. This is also one reason that makes me despise myself.

9. I am more like Monica in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Like cleaning, obsessed with stuff when am interested in them. When it comes things that I possessively hold on to, I will never lend them. Even if I do, you will prefer not to borrow from me next time, because of my constant chanting in your ears to keep it safe. High maintainance.

10. I contradict myself in a lot of things. I don’t know why I am weird that way. I think I believe in something, but then something comes along and makes me believe the exact opposite of what I believed before. It is so confusing at times that I am not sure what I think. And that is another reason why my blog is named 0÷0 – The undefined. As undefined as I am.

I chose to let the darker side of me come out because I feel if I am able to accept my negatives in front of the world, I would be able to accept them myself and work on it. Like my guy says, you should be able to laugh at your own mistakes after few days. That makes you a stronger, better person. So people, I was truthful in telling you about the other side of me. I hope you understand and do not judge me only by these secrets that I revealed. Behind all these, lies a good heart 😛

Images Courtesy: All Images from Google Search

Until later 🙂

The 10 day challenge

After pondering over and over on this subject, I decided that I will finally take the 10 day challenge, which I came across on Paanipuri Lover’s blog. I was hesitant at first because I have to be truthful and I do not get to decide what to write. There are restrictions. Yet I finally decided and I assure you whatever I said will be truthful. And, I cannot promise blog continuously for 10 days, but I will complete the challenge. Keep watching this space to know more about me 🙂

10 day challenge

The above image is the 10 day challenge.  I must accept that I might have to take some compromises in completing this challenge. Like 4 books is too little  a number to list my favorite books. Stay tuned.

Until later 🙂

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