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*Something that I had written on social media – Preserving here for posterity.


You and your crooked smile,
The one that never reached your eyes,
I could read you like an open book
But could not interpret you as I’d like to.

That twist of your lips, about to tell something
But swallowing the thought as it came,
I can tell you want to talk, but
But I can’t tell why you wouldn’t.

Incompleteness completes you, I guess
That’s why you are the perfect paradox,
Always an unfinished enigma
To the searching eyes of others

I wish you’d let that go someday, that
You’d break free and fly, with sky as the limit
Into a space where none of these matter
Where the end becomes the beginning,
Making you truly unfinished for eternity!


A little something inspired by a random stranger’s sad eyes.

Until later 🙂

Remember to turn the light on

Image courtesy: http://magpietales.blogspot.in/

The passion that became an obsession
The indifference that comes with mistrust

The memory that kept coming back
The oblivion which makes everything so easy

The love that leaped in flames
The hate which comes so easily

The tears that don’t need any prompt
The smiles that put everything straight

The quiet innocence which shields
And the knowledge which robs that very peace

The anger that burns up the place
The calm before that very storm

In spite of all the burdening emotions
Stay still, one with inner peace

As you try to contend content
Peace will come find you
Give in to that feeling of stillness
Observe what brings in the dark

In this world that’s so blatant
You will find, as if on cue
That single thread of mindfulness
If you remember to turn the light on

Inspired by Dumbledore’s famous quote in Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban – “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

 Until later 🙂

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A dream worth forgetting

The memory of you that hit me today was not that strong either, it was just a hazy vision in the flurry of clouds in my mind. I smiled at how it no longer affected me when that was all that mattered some time back. Was it just some time? It feels like that was on a different time plane. It was like this dream – intense, deep and sometimes bruising. The dream was a recurring one, with you as the focal point. It went from an occasional dream to a recurring one to a nightmare. But every time, I forgot the dream when I woke up. It stayed only as long as I slept – the moment I woke up, any recollection of it would be impossible and I would just be left with a mysterious curiosity of what that was all about. And then slowly, I figured it out even though I couldn’t remember once awake. That the dreams were about you. I didn’t have to remember the dream to know it, I just knew. And today as I still see that past of mine through a vision that keeps getting hazier by the day, I am thankful that you were a dream that was worth forgetting.

Until later 🙂