*Something that I had written on social media – Preserving here for posterity.


You and your crooked smile,
The one that never reached your eyes,
I could read you like an open book
But could not interpret you as I’d like to.

That twist of your lips, about to tell something
But swallowing the thought as it came,
I can tell you want to talk, but
But I can’t tell why you wouldn’t.

Incompleteness completes you, I guess
That’s why you are the perfect paradox,
Always an unfinished enigma
To the searching eyes of others

I wish you’d let that go someday, that
You’d break free and fly, with sky as the limit
Into a space where none of these matter
Where the end becomes the beginning,
Making you truly unfinished for eternity!


A little something inspired by a random stranger’s sad eyes.

Until later 🙂