Here goes the month of December 2014 in our anniversary year, number 11 on the list 🙂


Dear Adit,

The month was a refreshing break for both of us. We were already enjoying what would be our short stint together in the same company. It was very comfortable to have you ping over the IM and have lunch together. Even though we had a very interesting year together, it went by fast and by December, we were wondering where all the days went by.

Remember how with days passing by, I missed my nephew so much and consoled myself seeing him attempt the adorable air-kicks that he was practicing on Skype? We also had our annual shut down at the end of the month. It was my first kind, I had been working in companies where there was no shut-down. we enjoyed the vacation at Trichy and got all the relaxation we wanted. We also got your health check-up and bless our stars, everything was okay. How glad were we!

The biggest surprise of the month was you getting a Kindle for me, preponing the anniversary gift by a leaping 2 months, just because I was pouting for a gift during Christmas. Finally, the kindle search materialized for us! Anyway, without much ado, our December passed by and we have stepped into the new year with high hopes – moving into our new flat, career achievements and stuff like that!

And did I tell you? I love you 😉




Until later 🙂