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June : One with the family

Here goes the month of June 2014, fifth in line in the series of letters to my hubby for our anniversary:


Dear Adit,

June was a month for family time. Your cousin had a sudden engagement and we rushed there happily. It was an arranged love marriage and first of the kind that I was seeing up close. There were a lot of relatives there who I didn’t know and a lot more who didn’t know me. That was the first family function I was attending after our wedding and hence I was put on spotlight. It made me very nervous, awkward and uncomfortable at the same time. I plunged into doing the chores, helping your aunt and welcoming everyone to make the jitters go away and it helped a little. That was the first time I wore a silk saree after the wedding. I tried and tried and eventually your sister had to help me after finishing with hers!

On the down side, I had to miss my long-awaited get-together with my college friends since we had to rush to Salem at the last minute. I was so looking forward to meeting everybody since I hadn’t been able to attend most of the previous meet-ups. Anyway, I had to prioritize and that’s what I did. Everybody in your family started praising me for helping out at the engagement but I just did what I wanted to. It was my SIL’s engagement after all, she was your only little sister.

Also, you had started thinking about a job change, about leaving your comfort zone of 4 years. I knew you were getting restless with the job because it had gotten stagnant but then again the work culture was something that was rare. So I didn’t push you, I wanted you to figure out what you wanted and how to go about it. I was happy when you eventually decided that career is more important than comfort at this age. Although the change that you wanted came a few months down the line, this marked the beginning.

June meant family time to us and we enjoyed it to the best.

And did I tell you? I love you 😉




Until later 🙂

I have seen God, have you?

You know how much I crave for hot dosas and how I end up eating dosas that have gone cold because I have to make them myself everyday. I see love when you make that extra effort to make me sit down and enjoy those hot dosas that you made.

You know you couldn’t stay on and help me with my busy life. I see love when you do everything that would give me even just a week off to recover and rest, to laze around and enjoy, to take a break from the rush.

You know you are getting old and your health doesn’t quite co-operate. I see love when, despite that, you still go on official tours to make more for the family, to help me.

You know you are too far away physically to help. I see love when every week you guys call me, it assures me I have a shoulder to fall back on. I see love in the beautiful life you are going to bring into this world in a couple of months.

And know what? I feel I have seen God. Human mind is ironical in that way, it realizes the magnanimity of the help and how much something means only when that something is taken away from you. Thanks to my family for making me see the irony and helping this agnostic answer some of her questions.

Until later 🙂

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