Ripples of my Reflections

I think, therefore I write

I have seen God, have you?

You know how much I crave for hot dosas and how I end up eating dosas that have gone cold because I have to make them myself everyday. I see love when you make that extra effort to make me sit down and enjoy those hot dosas that you made.

You know you couldn’t stay on and help me with my busy life. I see love when you do everything that would give me even just a week off to recover and rest, to laze around and enjoy, to take a break from the rush.

You know you are getting old and your health doesn’t quite co-operate. I see love when, despite that, you still go on official tours to make more for the family, to help me.

You know you are too far away physically to help. I see love when every week you guys call me, it assures me I have a shoulder to fall back on. I see love in the beautiful life you are going to bring into this world in a couple of months.

And know what? I feel I have seen God. Human mind is ironical in that way, it realizes the magnanimity of the help and how much something means only when that something is taken away from you. Thanks to my family for making me see the irony and helping this agnostic answer some of her questions.

Until later 🙂


  1. Wow…touched my heart so much. :-*

  2. hmm..

    // I see love when every week you guys call me, it assures me I have a shoulder to fall back on//

    Is it an appreciation or request? 🙂 😛

  3. Touching and true indeed…!!! 🙂
    But I believe that God resides within oneself…

  4. For once I thought that you were gonna have a baby! :O

    Then I read the comments! 🙂

    Lovely expression Keirthana. I’m sure they are proud of you.

  5. Family…..blessings come in the form of family.
    This post made me homesick.

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