I have been searching for that “something” for a long time in life. I couldn’t quite locate it until recently. Then as I came to Bangalore, what I was searching for was some peace and happiness that comes from a totally different dimension. I have had ‘n’ number of self-analyses done and have cribbed about my job, my personal life and what not, but all those were just the cranky-me. They were not the real reasons which lasted long. One day, I will unhappy over my job and the next day I will feel happy about it. So, I concluded that whatever was nagging me for the past one year had nothing to do with my job or personal life. I wanted to do something that will bring a smile on others’ faces. This is not something that I am saying for boasting or creating an image. I will honestly accept that I am doing it because it makes me feel better. As Joey says in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, there are no selfless good deeds. That is human nature and I am no one to change it. If we help someone, the smile on their face makes us feel good. So the action is always mutual.

That’s enough digression for the sake of explanation. Once I located this want in me, I started searching for ways to do it. And I hit a target in my search through a fellow blogger at the Cognizant blogging community and she has a personal blog too 🙂 SHaDE is a family that has been formed and nurtured by Mr.Raghavan alias Saravanan with the sole purpose of lending the possible help wherever needed. As simple as that. It has completed 4 years of successful service and I am happy at the coincidence of me joining them at the beginning of yet another awesome year. The best thing that I liked about SHaDE is that it is completely transparent and not at all a compulsion at any point. You can be a volunteer or a contributor or both as you wish. It is just about if you are interested, you can help. The time, frequency and extent of help can be decided by you and made clear to the group so that plans can be made accordingly.

I have at many points realized that a small gesture of help when someone is in crisis can mean a lot to them. Much more than you would think. I have been at the receiving end of many such kind gestures and the giving end of some. So, to make myself a better person, to make a change that I wish to see and most of all to make a positive change in someone’s life, I am hoping SHaDE will help me.

This post is not intended to be a promotional/influencing post in any aspect. I am writing this out of my interest, because I have found something that I have been searching for and maybe someone else who is searching for the same thing might find it useful.

Until later 🙂