After knowing many of my fellows’ opinion on religion and god,I am tempted to discuss my thoughts.This might turn out to be confusing,because I am confused about the existence of God as in real existence terms.Does this make me an Agnostic? Whatever..I don’t think that God is somewhere out there holding all the strings of life and happenings together.Does this make me an Atheist? O.K. Now to the point,as for me,life is a string of incidents based more on Newton’s III law.Our actions determine what we are going to face.Everyone would have had experiences to prove this fact. Still,they talk of god deciding punishments for each living cell on earth.Oh,Come on people,We have studied science which proves the life’s existence and purposes. This leads to the questions that pin point certain incidents that are too good to be mere coincidence. Yup,I accept,but what’s life without some miracles? So,I don’t know if God is there on not,but I don’t appreciate idol worship,many-god theory,religious chaos in name of God  and so on.What I am saying is,have your own opinions,whatever they are.However,do not expect others to have or support the same.This goes mainly to the elder generation who expect their children to believe what they believe,though they do not have solid reasons for their belief. It’s a pity that they believe what they have been taught to believe.As for me,God may even exist as that science that explains all these issues.I don’t mind.But,I mind when this issue is being used to force others to do something or to divide the country or to enhance terrorism…………. The list goes on.People,let these change at least in our lives.