Now that I am done with my so-called project except for the final comparing and documenting part of it, I am enjoying the luxuries of life at hostel without any work. The added advantage is that, having vacated the hostel for internship purposes,the rule of “5 hours outing” and other stuff does not apply to me and hence  I am a free bird. 🙂 Also,I am happy that I can get the opportunities of helping my friends with their works in a small way, like helping with their project presentation, the functions they organise being in the final year and stuff. Yesterday was an excellent one- My friends forced me to accompany me to “Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya” for the 2nd time(I already watched it with my uncle and aunt). As I needed them to accompany me for my shopping spree, I had no other go to watch that movie for the 2nd time 🙁 Otherwise, the shopping -Ice-cream @ one of my friend’s brother’s office-Perfect lunch @ Aaryas,Gandhipuram-Running back to hostel for the sake of my friends’ dead line at 7 p.m was a perfect day in my life. All of these for just one more month and then to part our own ways. I am set to enjoy it to the fullest. 🙂

Until later.