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Plan A always works!!

The last few days of hostel life seem to be so short yet so long!!! As friends leave one by one, the expectation of seeing them within 2 or 3 days as we usually do, crops up and then I tell myself that it’s not the case this time. However, no use spilling tears over it, because life gets its way always.

I have enjoyed these last few days @ hostel to the maximum extent possible, with my friends. The highlight of our mischiefs is that the hostel rule of being inside within 7:00 P.M. does not hold true for us. The reason is that we are intern students!!!! (Though some of us have finished the internships and some are gonna continue it, the hostel authorities do not know that) 😉 With this advantage, for the past 1 month I have been entering and leaving hostel whenever I want. Every time anyone asks me anything, the reply will invariably be ” I am an intern student. I have vacated the hostel and come for review or report submission or….” 🙂

I shared this technique with my other friends too, who got excited (though scared) and the outings increased as the period of our hostel life shortened.We always have 3 plans:

Plan A- Do not make eye contact with anyone @ the security cabin. Just go out and come in!!!!

Plan B- If they ask  you, tell “?????????? ???? ??????? ?????, I am an intern student”

Plan C- Still problems? Tell “??????? ??? ???????? ???????. ???????? ?????????” (This plan is mute because we wont have any travelling bags)

However, Plan A always works!!! Still, I have used Plan B on a voluntary basis, just to please the security.That too,when  I really come from my home .So why worry about Plan C being mute??? 😉 😛

As a final feat, we brought a day scholar friend into the hostel with us under the pretense of the same internship. Actually, this is quite an achievement given the fact that it’s difficult to bring day scholars inside the hostel( We have tried that once in 1st year and were caught red handed and had a difficult time in escaping). ???????? 1st year? ?????? final year? ?????????????? 😛 . Being vetti, taking so many photos trying to preserve our best moments together, chatting about all the stuff we have done, should have done, have not done, should not have done in the past 4 years, reading the slam books and having surprising revelations are too good to stop doing it.

For me, these few days are gonna end tomorrow, as I am vacating (???!!! I vacated hostel long back, when I went for internship ;)) the hostel tomorrow. So much fun… No reason to stay @ hostel, no reason to leave it either!!! ( last line is a stolen status msg 😛 😉 )

Until later 🙂

Adieu PSG Tech!!!!

Hi people 🙂

It has happened. The last few days @ college are almost over. A mix of emotions is filling me. The farewell party fell short of my expectations. I had so much excitement and expectations in my mind, since I enjoyed the farewell we kept for our seniors. Considering the fact that juniors had exams till the previous day, I tried hard not to be disappointed. But, then the photos and videos, which were supposed to instill happy feelings did not serve their purpose because it was too obvious that there were no photos of G1. There may be no separate entities like G1 and G2 for some people, but you can’t hide the obvious fact. I accept that ours was not as interactive a class to expect too much of fun and frolic. Still, the last day was not as much as fun as it could have been.

Apart from this, a sense of solitude overcomes me, which I am desperately trying to avoid. The real farewell is with the role of a student, unless you are gonna pursue higher studies. With no more classes to attend, no more tests to be thrilled 😉 , and no more hostel life to be vetti, it is gonna be a hard time for all of us. All the incidents at college, good or bad have had a positive influence on me, giving me reasons to smile and lessons to follow, in the future.

This college, which I entered with many dreams (illusions too 🙂 ) has fulfilled many and taught me how to work for achieving the rest, will hold a special place in my heart. Thanks to all my friends, who walked  by me and will continue to do so. Though we might part ways, we will meet again along the lane of  life. Good luck people 🙂

Take care 🙂

Until later 🙂

If I were a guy!!!

Hi all 🙂

Finally, I am done with the report stuff after facing so many problems.  Free till the next fiasco, viva-voce.

The topic of this post might seem funny or idiotic. However, I have often come across comments or remarks like “You should have been a guy!!” or “You behave like a guy!!”. Hence, this post.

I don’t regret this life of a girl because I take all the liberty that I can afford or sometimes, even more than I can afford (Thanks to my dad!!!). From childhood, my dad gave me all the freedom that was needed for me to stand up to anything I want. So, if I were actually a guy, these are the things I might have done:

1.I would have definitely been taller. 😛

2. I would have never been home before late night.

3. I would have watched all the movies with my friends, especially night shows. You can guess what mischief I will be up to at the theatre  😉

4. I would have been sent out of class for some reason on alternate days, because that’s when I will be coming to college.

5. I might have formed a gang of my own in the class or maybe I could have had the whole class as a gang 😛

6. I would have been more into cricket, fighting for teams that I support.

7. Midnight walks on the lonely road with a gang of friends would have interested me.

8. I would have never considered my dad’s scoldings though they are reasonable.

9. I would have been crazy about bikes and cars.

These are some might-be’s that come to my mind if I think – “If I were a guy….”  because I wish to do all these now, but am not able to, for reasons that you know:) However, life is the best as it is. So no regrets, no complaints…

Until later 🙂

My e-thingy!!!

Hi all, 🙂

This post is not for the “sincere” students. Such people will do better if they skip this post. 🙂

I have been tempted for long, to write about my e-experiences at college. I even put up a post once, but removed it soon, on a second thought. However, enough is enough. I can’t resist the temptation anymore and so here I am to share my e-experiences of my college life 😉

When I entered college, I did not know how to handle a mobile. I had never typed a sms (Really!!!). Thanks to my dad, he refused to buy me a mobile in the 1st year (The reason was that my bro managed his college life without a mobile.Argh!!! I don’t see the purpose of his college life :P). However, I am not a person who will give up so soon. I took up the necessary training in mobile usage with my friend’s mobile in the 1st semester. But then, I needed my own mobile for the fun and feel of it, along with some personal reasons. So, with all my savings (Thanks to my saving habit at school), I bought a second-hand mobile, in my 2nd semester with my friend’s help. Then began the journey……

Within a month, I became the fastest sms-sender among my friends and slowly I got so addicted to it that I can’t be without messaging. All my friends started making plans to deprive me of my mobile for 1 whole day, but thanks to them, they never got so serious to implement it. Whatever be the time, place… I don’t care. I can do the texting without any difficulty (Note: My ability is limited to Nokia mobiles). All this texting experience started to turn into real use in my 6th semester(I have wasted so much time :P) It all started with the so-famous “EVS” examination (Actually, the e-thingy had been already implemented for class tests,but what’s the big deal??? When you can text during classes, then you can text during class tests!!!) I never expected that this would become such a sought-after technique in our class and then obviously, I joined the so-called network framed and nurtured by our ex-class representative 😉 However, unlike him, I am not an expert in all kinds of tools,but only with the e-things.

I never thought that my ability in this, would have become so known, until I got my slam book filled by my class guys. There was not a single entry without mentioning about this. 😉 Anyhow, I never faced any difficulty, because we girls always have our pencil pouches and other accessories to get away with it. The only difficulty is that my stupid mobile can’t tolerate my torture and will get stuck or switched off, if I type too fast(that too, this will happen after I finish typing up a long stuff).  I had an active co-member  and an inactive receiver from the girls’ side. That’s all for the girls strength 🙁

During the soft computing internals that was a fiasco for many, the first amateur who got caught unfortunately, was sitting behind me and  the exam was too easy to use the e-thingy. So, it was no big deal coming out,unscathed. Also, it was fun doing the non-elective helping. I won’t even know if what am transmitting is right or not, but still, there are people awaiting this greek and latin answers.Apart from theory papers, my other areas of expertise have been lab examinations. The only difference will be the tool used ;)Not a single lab examination passed with my code, except for the DCS lab examination (Maybe C and C++ labs, I don’t remember).

Irrespective of the circumstances and consequences, I should say, I had quite a good time with this. I am missing it already this semester,not to say, I will miss these mischievous moments of my college life forever. I think I have lost touch during this last semester, but like you never forget cycling and swimming, once you learn them, I believe that I can gain my speed if I want to. 🙂

 This post may be irritating to the “sincere” college students, but it’s all your fault that you ignored my warning at the beginning of this post.

P.S: This post may seem more of boasting. Sorry guys, the longing for putting up a post on this topic has been in my mind for a long while. So, please excuse,if my pride is above the limit.

Mock+Interview tragedy

After a long break,I am back…

A lot has happened over the past week.The mock interview organised for our juniors,a dual company tragedy and some usual stuff.

Not to say, the mock interview went on well.I was particularly impressed by a guy’s performance,which was too good(Also,maybe because other candidates were kinda shy) On the other side,I enjoyed well with friends.

Then,a dual company visited our campus. I purposely did not do the written test well,but you know,things happen when you least expect them and I was short-listed. So,I decided to make the interviwers turn me down.The problem was that I actually did not know how to under-perform(Given the fact that, I had never had a chance of performing in interviews,except one which led to my placement). So, I was so scared that I might perform well(What an Irony 😉 ) because the interviewers were not going to go deep into tech-stuff. Finally I managed to say “I don’t know,sir” for everything they asked including a question on Ohm’s law :(. So I was saved from doing a mistake. However till now I cannot get over the feeling of saying “I don’t know,sir” when my interviewer asked this question-“What is the current drawn by a load having 5 ohms resistance and 10 volts of power supply across it?” 🙁

I have nothing interesting at hand for blogging at the moment. Will be back once I am ready with some stuff.

Until later 🙂

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