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Adieu PSG Tech!!!!

Hi people 🙂

It has happened. The last few days @ college are almost over. A mix of emotions is filling me. The farewell party fell short of my expectations. I had so much excitement and expectations in my mind, since I enjoyed the farewell we kept for our seniors. Considering the fact that juniors had exams till the previous day, I tried hard not to be disappointed. But, then the photos and videos, which were supposed to instill happy feelings did not serve their purpose because it was too obvious that there were no photos of G1. There may be no separate entities like G1 and G2 for some people, but you can’t hide the obvious fact. I accept that ours was not as interactive a class to expect too much of fun and frolic. Still, the last day was not as much as fun as it could have been.

Apart from this, a sense of solitude overcomes me, which I am desperately trying to avoid. The real farewell is with the role of a student, unless you are gonna pursue higher studies. With no more classes to attend, no more tests to be thrilled 😉 , and no more hostel life to be vetti, it is gonna be a hard time for all of us. All the incidents at college, good or bad have had a positive influence on me, giving me reasons to smile and lessons to follow, in the future.

This college, which I entered with many dreams (illusions too 🙂 ) has fulfilled many and taught me how to work for achieving the rest, will hold a special place in my heart. Thanks to all my friends, who walked  by me and will continue to do so. Though we might part ways, we will meet again along the lane of  life. Good luck people 🙂

Take care 🙂

Until later 🙂


  1. Poorni.K

    Reflecting thoughts!!! Learnt more of reality than curriculum. Though not a spectacular 4 yrs, had a memorable 4 yrs in the soils of PSG tech… ‘ll cherish u all…

  2. Keirthana


  3. Keirthana

    🙂 🙂 🙁

  4. Keirthana

    The previous emoticon mischief is the result of poorni’s ஆர்வக்கோளாறு to know how commenting works..

  5. Keirthana

    Hey people, A doubt!!! Anyone who knows my name and mail id can comment using my name na??? Is there any to prevent this??

  6. eightpointsomeone

    yeah no way to prevent this!!! 🙁

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