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If I were a guy!!!

Hi all 🙂

Finally, I am done with the report stuff after facing so many problems.  Free till the next fiasco, viva-voce.

The topic of this post might seem funny or idiotic. However, I have often come across comments or remarks like “You should have been a guy!!” or “You behave like a guy!!”. Hence, this post.

I don’t regret this life of a girl because I take all the liberty that I can afford or sometimes, even more than I can afford (Thanks to my dad!!!). From childhood, my dad gave me all the freedom that was needed for me to stand up to anything I want. So, if I were actually a guy, these are the things I might have done:

1.I would have definitely been taller. 😛

2. I would have never been home before late night.

3. I would have watched all the movies with my friends, especially night shows. You can guess what mischief I will be up to at the theatre  😉

4. I would have been sent out of class for some reason on alternate days, because that’s when I will be coming to college.

5. I might have formed a gang of my own in the class or maybe I could have had the whole class as a gang 😛

6. I would have been more into cricket, fighting for teams that I support.

7. Midnight walks on the lonely road with a gang of friends would have interested me.

8. I would have never considered my dad’s scoldings though they are reasonable.

9. I would have been crazy about bikes and cars.

These are some might-be’s that come to my mind if I think – “If I were a guy….”  because I wish to do all these now, but am not able to, for reasons that you know:) However, life is the best as it is. So no regrets, no complaints…

Until later 🙂


  1. Rathi

    You would have been the same height 😛

    • Keirthana

      Nope… The “guy” factor would have made me taller 😛

  2. clarityy

    You could still talk or fight about about cricket teams,cars and lady bikes…..Why should guys have all the fun?We could if we decide to….. 😉

  3. Keirthana

    Yup.. I know that we can still do these stuff. That’s why I have no regrets being a girl. Just on a curious line, I wanted to actually know how all these are from the guys’ point of view. 🙂

  4. eightpointsomeone

    oops!!!! 😉

  5. Poorni.K

    Still obsessed with the height 😛 😛 😛 !!! ( AM Keirthana) Amma kitta Complan kudukka sollu 🙂 Hey and one more to ur list of might have done ” A Post on If i were a girl ” 😉 🙂 cos as u said the other side is always green 🙂

  6. Nandhini

    hey keirthu u shooted my points — night show and midnight walk 😛 anyways that makes a difference i wanna do it as a girl 😉
    And taller than whom??!! 😉

    • Keirthana

      Definitely taller than u, nandy 🙂

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