The last few days of hostel life seem to be so short yet so long!!! As friends leave one by one, the expectation of seeing them within 2 or 3 days as we usually do, crops up and then I tell myself that it’s not the case this time. However, no use spilling tears over it, because life gets its way always.

I have enjoyed these last few days @ hostel to the maximum extent possible, with my friends. The highlight of our mischiefs is that the hostel rule of being inside within 7:00 P.M. does not hold true for us. The reason is that we are intern students!!!! (Though some of us have finished the internships and some are gonna continue it, the hostel authorities do not know that) 😉 With this advantage, for the past 1 month I have been entering and leaving hostel whenever I want. Every time anyone asks me anything, the reply will invariably be ” I am an intern student. I have vacated the hostel and come for review or report submission or….” 🙂

I shared this technique with my other friends too, who got excited (though scared) and the outings increased as the period of our hostel life shortened.We always have 3 plans:

Plan A- Do not make eye contact with anyone @ the security cabin. Just go out and come in!!!!

Plan B- If they ask  you, tell “?????????? ???? ??????? ?????, I am an intern student”

Plan C- Still problems? Tell “??????? ??? ???????? ???????. ???????? ?????????” (This plan is mute because we wont have any travelling bags)

However, Plan A always works!!! Still, I have used Plan B on a voluntary basis, just to please the security.That too,when  I really come from my home .So why worry about Plan C being mute??? 😉 😛

As a final feat, we brought a day scholar friend into the hostel with us under the pretense of the same internship. Actually, this is quite an achievement given the fact that it’s difficult to bring day scholars inside the hostel( We have tried that once in 1st year and were caught red handed and had a difficult time in escaping). ???????? 1st year? ?????? final year? ?????????????? 😛 . Being vetti, taking so many photos trying to preserve our best moments together, chatting about all the stuff we have done, should have done, have not done, should not have done in the past 4 years, reading the slam books and having surprising revelations are too good to stop doing it.

For me, these few days are gonna end tomorrow, as I am vacating (???!!! I vacated hostel long back, when I went for internship ;)) the hostel tomorrow. So much fun… No reason to stay @ hostel, no reason to leave it either!!! ( last line is a stolen status msg 😛 😉 )

Until later 🙂