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Mock+Interview tragedy

After a long break,I am back…

A lot has happened over the past week.The mock interview organised for our juniors,a dual company tragedy and some usual stuff.

Not to say, the mock interview went on well.I was particularly impressed by a guy’s performance,which was too good(Also,maybe because other candidates were kinda shy) On the other side,I enjoyed well with friends.

Then,a dual company visited our campus. I purposely did not do the written test well,but you know,things happen when you least expect them and I was short-listed. So,I decided to make the interviwers turn me down.The problem was that I actually did not know how to under-perform(Given the fact that, I had never had a chance of performing in interviews,except one which led to my placement). So, I was so scared that I might perform well(What an Irony 😉 ) because the interviewers were not going to go deep into tech-stuff. Finally I managed to say “I don’t know,sir” for everything they asked including a question on Ohm’s law :(. So I was saved from doing a mistake. However till now I cannot get over the feeling of saying “I don’t know,sir” when my interviewer asked this question-“What is the current drawn by a load having 5 ohms resistance and 10 volts of power supply across it?” 🙁

I have nothing interesting at hand for blogging at the moment. Will be back once I am ready with some stuff.

Until later 🙂


  1. POP

    OMG,Ohm’s law?atleast i din hav to say “I don know sir”. mine was a record breaking 1 minute interview…

  2. eightpointsomeone

    Mock interview was filled with a lot of fun & bun.. we enjoyed a lot 🙂

    • Siddharth

      Bun? Ok. I know where you are going 😛

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