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Ignoring all the warnings about paiya being a crap,I set out for the movie yesterday with my friends.I got what I deserved.I had to search for the story-line in the movie(There was none till the end). Girls can watch it for the hero,places of nature which have been beautifully presented and guys can watch it for the heroine(If you like her :P) and I don’t know what other stuff in the movie will interest guys(Action,maybe???). Talking about action,I was so frustrated that I felt even Dr.Vijay’s flying fights are better. If Dr.Vijay will lift one man with a hand,Karthi here lifts two. 😉  I was left searching for the car to be parked and then some story…. But,alas,the car never stopped and once it did,the movie was over.The songs and their picturisation provided as much comfort to the audience as the  disturbance  caused by Tamanaa.The song “En kaadhal solla thevai illai” did not seem to meet the imaginations of the audience(Could have been better). Other songs were good. With so many logical flaws in the movie,Paiya turned out to be a typical Vijay movie and falls short of expectations. 🙁

This post is more out of frustration and apologies for having given a review.Again,it’s all my opinion.No offense meant to anyone. 🙂


  1. Siddharth

    Good review. But I am disappointed with your parting remark!!!

    How can you compare a novice like Karthi with a veteran like Vijay, who works his socks off to dish out ‘commercial’ stuff every quarter? This is a gross injustice meted out to Dr.Vijay and I strongly object this 😛

  2. Keirthana

    Injustice to veteran Vijay???? 😛 😀

    • Siddharth

      i take back my comments. Karthi has matched Dr.Vijay in every aspect. Watch out Mr.Vijay, you have a competition!!!

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