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Home trip+Isha Yoga+Online training

Hi all, 🙂

I had gone on a 3 days trip to home with one of my friends accompanying me. The main purpose of our visit was the yearly festival in a nearby village, where we go and provide food for people ( ????????? )on that particular day. Apart from the enjoyment part, I was amazed by the amount of work those people do in spite of the scorching heat. I could not take my eyes off as they cooked so much food without much facilities. Altogether, the experience was an enlightening one to me, as I often complain even for the smallest of discomforts.

Coming to Isha yoga,I have none but my bro and my dad to blame. My brother was the one who advised my dad to pursue this 7 days yoga course, who jumped the gun instantly. Now, unable to bear the nagging of my dad, I have joined the course. I am perfectly alright with the yoga part of the course. It is the “bodhana” part of the course that gives me the usual classroom feel and I can’t help as my eyelids close, as if the switch is on. They talk about peace,responsibility and stuff which gives a philosophical feel,though it may be true if you go deeper. As of now,having attended 2 days of the class, I keep my eyes open only for the yoga part of the class. Rest is up to ???? I don’t know!!! 🙁

Online training provided by my recruiter – My god! I cannot believe how tedious (or maybe boring, on a second thought) it has become. Initially, I managed with the easier sections. The only mistake that I did was that I took the advantage of taking a break from my regular schedule and went home. Now, I find it very difficult to sit and go through the course and take up the tests. Added to all the stuff,Abstract submission, Report submission etc have come up to give me pains in the neck. To people, who ask-“Hey, You completed your project long ago na? Then you have been vetti all these days na? You could have done these to some extent na?”, I have gone deaf temporarily to such questions. Come on,guys. I was enjoying the last few (?!?!?) days of my college life being vetti 😛

Anyhow, with a tight schedule, I am running short of energy. It is better that I pack up my laziness and get started.

Until later 🙂

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  1. clarityy

    ‘It is the “bodhana” part of the course that gives me the usual classroom feel and I can’t help as my eyelids close, as if the switch is on’, Oh no, I felt the same way ;)!!!! . They will put lot of mokai, don’t believe everything they say,some of it is good, but not all.(Its just a warning) 😉

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