I think, therefore I write

What I have been upto!!

Since my last post, I

1. Joined driving class and am giving the local people on the road a tough time, with my driving tricks 😛

2. Learnt a little more of cooking and am testing my skills on my family. 😉

3. Applied for passport and License. After so long, I decided that I should get the license and passport only for the call to Chennai spoil it 🙁

4. Got my call letter. 🙂 Going to Chennai, seems to be an exciting turn in my life, as a new life beckons. Still I got the usual fears that everything should go right and stuff. Let’s see.

5. Spending almost all the time am awake, on phone.

6. Got spanking new Ubuntu 10.04 installed in my laptop and enjoying it. Thanks to a certain Friend 😉

7. Watched “Karthik calling Karthik” and “Kites” and a lot of animation films. The 1st movie kept me at the edge of my seat until I suddenly guessed the centre plot. (Thanks to Sidney’s “Tell me your dreams”).

With nothing much happening , there’s nothing to blog too. I just don’t have it in me to blog about general issues(I tried out a few, but then decided better not to post them) The only thing am expecting now, is my bro’s return from the US to Chennai. Once that happens, life is to enjoy 🙂

Until later 🙂


  1. clarityy

    After a long time you have written! Good that you are back 🙂 . All the best for a very bright future!!!!

  2. clarityy

    Cool! Good that you have written. I wish you the very best in Life. 😀

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