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When you Change, Or not..

Have you ever wanted change so much that you feel like you cannot spend another second in your current stand and want to move on immediately? And on the other side of the coin, have you ever felt so much is changing that you wanna settle down soon and be comfortable? Yeah, if you have experience both of these situations, you would know what it takes. At these times, you would search a balance and drift along the thin line between wanting more and settling down. Why I am writing about this now is I have been in both these situations very recently and found out what kind of survival instinct it took for me to hold on.

So I thought I would pen down my musings on that in the hope that someone might find it useful. Human mind is very fickle and you know that. So look out for yourself, always. When you are getting really comfortable and having a nice lie down, enjoy it and at the same time tell yourself that this cannot last forever and do something different that gets you out of the stagnant mode. This gyan/ self-enlightening will help you avoid the desperate phase which comes after a while.

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The converse is also true. When you feel too much is changing, take a time-out and enjoy a simple thing patiently. That simple thing might even be the gorgeous view that you have when you stand on your balcony with a cup of hot coffee at 7 o clock on a misty morning. Forget about everything else and just enjoy that moment. Enjoy a lazy day or a late dinner with your friends. Drop everything else. Trust me, it works.

Find a source of happiness that is not based on other factors, i.e., do not set conditions for your happiness. Try to be happy irrespective of what happens or not around you. This is a very difficult thing to do. However hard I tried, I couldn’t keep it going for more than a few days. I am still trying to capture this unconditional happiness and bring it into my life. But I have seen stronger-willed people carry out this and achieve a balance in their life. So, I believe it is worth a try.

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Last but not the least, accept that how hard you try to make your life a smooth-running-machine, it invariably gets stuck somewhere at times and makes you take the toll. You gotta accept that life likes to strikes you straight in the face sometimes or even often. This acceptance at least helps you face it when it comes rather than making an unexpected mess. It is just so true that Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. There is no way to go about it except accept it.

As I draw to an end, I request you not to take this as an advising post/a philosophical post. It is not. It is just a few things strung together. The few things that came out of my recent discoveries, recent attempts to straighten my life, recent turns on my roller-coaster. I just penned them down in the hope that it will help someone when they come to this turn besides serving as a written reminder to me.

Until later 🙂


  1. Uma

    hey typed a long comment but couldn’t post it! what is this human verification??? :-0

    • Keirthana

      Hey Uma,

      Thanks for the prompt response 🙂 Did you enjoy the human verification thingy? I just changed the re-captcha to this one in a hope that this is more funny and entertaining and less irritating than the captcha that tests our eyes to the extreme limits 😉

      • Uma

        well, it took me a while to figure out how to tackle the game, so can’t really say if this is better than the captcha 🙂

  2. Uma

    gosh! that was something…well, I’ll try again.
    Very well written post, Keirthana. One thing I have experienced is however much one tries, one cannot pass the litmus test of others. We shall always fall short of someone’s standards, while at the same time we may consider ourselves above someone else. It would be good if we can find our comfort level and be content, trying to better ourselves for ourselves and not because we need to prove something or please someone else.

    • Guruprasad

      one cannot pass the litmus test of others

      Why we should even try such a thing beats me, but most people do it most of their lives! Sigh!

    • Keirthana

      Thank you for your comments Uma. I totally agree with you on this. And I think as Guruprasad has pointed out, the hint of tackling this is not to try to please everyone/be in the good books of others. I guess if we just be ourselves, things will be fine. But, being humans, the tendency does not let us ignore it, does it? 😉 We gotta try anyway 🙂

  3. Guruprasad

    The real fun is when you get to face both at the same time – the need and the resistance to change

    • Keirthana

      I guess I got flashes of the scenario you mentioned, if not fully. I am still getting it now and then 😛

  4. Atrocious Scribblings

    Very well put – but one could also add ‘Easier said than done’ because incorporating them in life is firstly hard and once incorporated – maintaining and running by these guidelines is not the simplest.

    Definitely something for a rainy day and makes a fine 101’st post.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Keirthana

      Thank you AS 🙂 And yeah, well said about the easier said than done point. It takes a deal to start implementing and afterwards maintaining it.

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