I think, therefore I write


It’s been more than a week since I applied for a broadband connection from Airtel. All my documents submitted. No response yet. All I am doing these days is calling the customer care and giving complaints. All they do is reply with a vague message saying that there is some technical issue and that they will resolve it soon. But how soon, no concrete answer. What’s the issue? No concrete answer 🙁 I am almost tempted to go for a data card but having enjoyed the benefits of broadband connection for over a year at Hyderabad, my logical mind chides me and asks me to be patient.

I miss blogging, reading blogs and idling away on the internet. For the past few months, I had the option but life was tossing me so much around and I didn’t write or read. But now, I am settled in Bangalore and I want to read/write but Airtel makes sure that I don’t get to do it 🙁

At uncle’s home for the weekend. The first thing that I did after coming here is write this post. My blog is filling up with excuse posts and comeback post. I wanna break that and start writing like I used to before. So praying for Airtel to be graceful enough. Would you  too please pray for me?

Until later (I get an internet connection) 🙂

P.S: Off to read and comment on all the blogs I follow 🙂

P.S.S: I really like that human verification thingy that I reply to comments without logging in on purpose 🙂 Hope you like it too 🙂


  1. Uma

    ohh…I can understand the frustration that comes with things like this..
    hoping and praying you get the connection soon..:-)

    • Keirthana

      Thanks for the prompt comment and the understanding 🙂

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