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Of lost things!

On reading this post of Sri’s, it struck me that I have a kind of opposite experience when it came to lost things. I have lost many precious things in my life and have searched for them as if my life depended on them, but they never came back. We all would have had some things – significant or insignificant in material value but that we hold very dear to heart. When we lose them, the feeling nags in the bottom of the mind for a very long time. Even though you let go, some or the other thing makes you remember them and you gaze into the memory lane and dismiss it as nostalgia. But that feeling never leaves your heart.

In my case, this happened twice. One was a silver ring gifted by Adit with a cat’s eye stone when we were in 6th grade. It was given to him by his grandmother which he gifted to me for some reason. It was a normal pretty-looking ring, but I took such an attachment to it since I loved the purplish tinge of the stone. I wore it all the time and I lost it in our school ground when I was playing. I searched for it among the grass for so long that I missed the next class searching for it. I knew it fell just there, a few yards distance but I never found it. Till date, whenever I see a ring (even prettier and more expensive ones ), that ring’s memory and the feeling of possessing it rushes back inevitably.

Next thing was a watch gifted by a friend. Years later, when I think about it now, I have lost touch with that friend and don’t even know where she is but losing that watch which she gifted haunts me still. The clasp was a little loose and I was procrastinating getting it corrected. One fine day, when I came back from my tuition classes, I found that it had fallen off somewhere. I went all the way in a hope that went vain. It was a very pretty white metal watch with pink stones embedded. Many watches have come and gone but this one haunts me still.

I don’t even know why I want this ring and watch because they were in use years ago and have probably become antiques or at the least out of fashion. I don’t know the reason. Just the feeling of losing them and wanting them back exists. When I read Cecelia Ahern’s “A place called Here”, I could totally relate to the feeling. I started thinking about what if that ring and watch had a mind of their own.  Would they have wanted to come back to me as much as I wanted/want them back? (I know it sounds crazy, but that’s how I feel) The thoughts extended into something like what if I got lost like the protagonist in “A place called Here”. My mind immediately answered the same answer which was in the book – “I don’t want to get lost, but if I did, I would want to be found, more than anything else”. If that place  called here existed, I wouldn’t mind raiding it for my lost ring and watch and I *will* definitely come back from that place 🙂

So what is that you have lost? Have they come back to you like in the case of Sri or have they eluded you till date like in my case? And do you want any particular lost thing back so much?

Until later 🙂


  1. shiva

    i never had much attachment to materialistic things.but when it comes to people and relations,am sensibly emotional and attached.when i broke with my first gf,i was desperate for her to come back to me though its her fault,i gave up my ego to take extra step to get her back ,but she din’t had same magnitude of love i had for her though she was the first one who tried for me for 18months to befriend me.i never saw her face after that and i don’t have any feelings for her.people don’t leave you if they are true and if they leave you,coming back to you is dependent on moral grounds and circumstances.
    when i got second gf,same situation repeated and i kept myself away from girls for sometime coz sharing your emotions and personal info everytime with a new person dilutes your personality and makes your emotions hollow or half-hearted.i can’t have a relation if emotions are not natural,so i stay away.

    but in the end,sometimes i get my past memories of my first gf in my dreams and that keeps me emotionally disturbed the whole day.but i don’t want her back coz she is not true.hmm it happens when you are single and when your mind is not occupied with new relationship.

    • Keirthana

      Things and people are different cases and hence the scenario would be totally different I guess.

  2. sriram

    During the last few days of my college life, one of my professors gifted me a book. When I was relocating and switching places between Chennai and Bangalore, I lost it somewhere. Until I found it back after some months at a friend’s place where I had stayed earlier, the feeling of having lost it was always at the back of my mind nagging me. Fortunate that I found it! Otherwise, it would’ve haunted me through out my life or I guess so.

    • Keirthana

      Good that you got back the book!

  3. Ajay Kontham™

    You see, I am a very careful and calculated person. So, Losing things is not my forte. But if I had lost something that I hold precious, that would really kill me.
    But what I can about losing is that I lost a chance, well indeed a lot many chances to be much better than what I am now.

    And Ma’am, you gotto be more careful with things. Now, If I were ever to give you something, I would place a GPS in it. 😛 Just Kidding

    • Keirthana

      Hmm, lucky you! And as for the carefulness I try to be more careful and in spite of that have lost a lot of things, but only a few loses nag me while in rest of the cases I move on easily 🙂

  4. Raghavan alias Saravanan M

    Good and different post keirthana. Well narrated as usual 🙂

    Yes, I do have certain memories. Than the things, I have lost people. It would be better to say, people had left me for their own sake. So far, I have NOT left any people of mine 🙂

    It is the destiny and their EGO which will decide whether or not they would come back. As far as I know, I am honest and I have not done anything to lose them 🙂

    Raghavan alias Saravanan M
    Jeddah | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  5. Visha

    Earlier I used to be very attached to lots of materialistic things, nowadays its virtually nil. Since the ‘tata’ phase, I am a 15th century haunted soul 😛 😛

    • Keirthana

      I need to take a leaf out of your book but am finding it difficult since I procrastinate a lot. When I read the post about your ‘tata’ phase, I thought “Well, I should at least start”. Here I am still not started. Sigh! I need to get over my laziness one day. 😉

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