Ripples of my Reflections

I think, therefore I write


The tears that sprout before you feel,
The nostalgia that comes before you call,
The pain that hurts before you realize,
The rush that goes away before you could savor,
The low that depresses before you avoid,
The love that hits before you know,
The anxiety that troubles before you acknowledge,
The rage that hurts before you can control,
The fear that eats you up before you address,
The excitement that’s infectious before you process,
The craving that tempts you before you could fight,
All these make us human
Emotions – Bundled up in a mess.

Until later 🙂


  1. No better words have been said about humans and emotions.
    It is only a mess, if we let it.

  2. I had written something similar called Beautiful mess. Yes, embrace that beautiful mess that you are! Btw, the I just love the new look of your bloggy!

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