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Look who got a makeover

I finally scratched the itch. To give a makeover to my blog. As a blogger, I love changing the look, the font, the colors and everything about my blog from time to time. That change refreshes me. However, a blog name is not something we’d want to change too often. We choose our blog names with such great care and put a lot of thought to it. We finally decide on one that we connect the most with. That is exactly why we stick with our blog names for a while, all the while changing the look of our blogs.

However, there are times when we change, as a person and as a blogger. When such glaring changes happen, the connect with the blog is redefined. The past connect is always there but it becomes a dream – the kind that stays with you. It becomes a memory – the kind that makes you smile involuntarily. While that happens, there is this new urge to redefine what you created, to give it a new dimension. That’s what happened to me and my blog now. I was suppressing the urge to do this for a very long time, not because I was hesitant but because I wanted to be sure. So here’s the new avatar – Let’s play Boggle.

boggle header

I also intend to dabble in Fiction more. The Lioness has been telling me to write more fiction and poetry forever but I haven’t stood up to that. So with this new dimension, I want to sprint towards that direction where rhyming words chime together and make beautiful verses and narration flows out to create something real. Let’s play Boggle is a representation of that – to play with words on another level and try more of everything new.

Why this name, you ask? I request you to head over to this page – Footprints of our journey which will give you the answer. Moreover I have linked a nickname – Bogglehead with my username, so if there are some comments on your blog with this name, you know who it is 🙂 I have also revamped my introduction to the world on this blog. Check it out! And show me some love by telling me how the new look is.

Until later 🙂


  1. Soumya

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new look!

    The font is so you and crisp and neat. The background is dreamy too! 🙂


    • Bogglehead

      Thanks Leo! The makeover inspiration is you and I am glad for that 😀

  2. Ajay Kontham

    This is amazing and cool.

    Why you do this all the time to make me jealous? 😛

    Waiting for your fiction posts.

    • Bogglehead

      Thanks AK! You know I have been whining about changing this and that for a long time, don’t you? 😀 Nothing about making you jealous 🙂

      • Ajay Kontham

        I know. I was kidding.
        You make over your blog and it looks awesome all the time.

  3. Ranjini

    I absolutely love this new look. And the new name too. I think all your readers would love it Keirthana. Awesome choice and a lovely post to clarify your intentions. Keep writing 😀

    • Bogglehead

      Thanks Ranjini! I love when you guys give me feedback on my efforts.


    Loooooooooooooooooooved it. Very unique from the ones I have seen. I am so sorry for being away and not regularly haunting this spot. New job and new place took up all my time.

    • Bogglehead

      Oh Red, thank you so much. I am so glad for your comment.

  5. Wanderer

    Awesome makeover! I’m looking forward to reading the fiction 🙂

  6. Uma

    Some bogglehead wrote a comment on my blog and I clicked to find out who. And, voila, what do I find here? Lovely Keirthana, I love your blog’s new look. Know what, I love the game Boggle. In fact I was so good at the game that friends and family would refuse to play with me because it’s no fun playing with a winner, they’d whine :-p Sorry to sound so pompous. Glad to meet a fellow Boggle lover. Good luck with the new avatar and the writing journey you intend to embark on 🙂

    • Bogglehead

      Thanks Uma!
      That’s fine, even I used to boast about being a self-proclaimed word play expert that started at Boggle. 🙂

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