The two characters that immediately come to my mind when you say storm are Storm from X-Men and Daenerys from A Song of Ice and Fire.

Storm can be interpreted in many ways – rage, frustration, struggle, confusion, supernatural and so on. But to interpret Storm as a woman’s strength is something that excites me, something that provides my muse with more adrenaline.

Facing a storm of struggles is hard, but becoming the storm itself in the face of struggles takes a strength of a different class. Here’s to everyone who’s become the storm and to everyone who aspires to be one:

Lot of thoughts in my mind
None of it is about you
You never existed for me
Not as a reality
Not as a shadow
That’s why you shouldn’t flatter yourself
Thinking that you saw me struggling in your storm
What you don’t know is, I am the storm in every struggle!

Until later 🙂