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She closed her eyes and relaxed. All the colors flashed past the darkness beneath her eyelids. They mixed up and made a very wonderful fusion. She loved colors; they called out to her in a unique way. She could almost relate every color with a feeling. Warm Yellow, Pleasant Green, Bright Blue, Angry Red, Deep Black, Pure White, Neutral Grey, Childish Pink, Fiery Orange, Royal Gold, Calm Silver, Peaceful Purple, Mild Brown and so on. She could always give an adjective to any color and would often feel ironical about doing it since color in itself could be used an adjective. She loved to learn about the different shades, though there were too many. She loved the way that a tiny difference in the shade gave a whole different meaning to the look. When she talked about a shade of a particular color, she would always use the exact name if she knew or would try to find out and if it didn’t exist yet, would try to give a closest description. For her, the refrigerator at home was not just red, it was Ruby-red. The paint color was not just pink, it was Fuchsia pink. The awesome dress her friend gifted her was not just purplish, it was plum. And so she had a list – Olive green, Steel blue, Cyan, Orchid violet, Turquoise, Magenta, Ink Blue, Lavender and so on..

She heard her mom call which brought her back to the present. She sighed and opened her eyes. The darkness prevailed. She knew she had to live with it. This was her daily routine of giving herself that little joy of seeing colors and playing with them – the joy which was denied by life recently. This was her hobby now – Trying to see with her mind what she couldn’t see with her eyes anymore.

This is a little something that came as an inspiration when I was commenting on Ajay’s blog about colors.

Until later,
Keirthana 🙂


If there is one thing which is messed up beyond repair, it is the human mind. And we somehow manage to mess it up even more. So here goes the story of my mind giving me a hard time. To give you a preview of the show, I must tell you this – My mind thinks too much and all in the wrong direction. It will come up with the weirdest of all interpretations for anything, will get bummed up for no reason, will torture me with its pointless frustrations when I really have some useful job to do. So now you know that I am totally unable to control my mind. That’s enough preview. 😉

So, here comes. Up until recently, I cannot visualize things at will. For instance, when I go for shopping I would be totally unable to try to visualize the kurti I am holding in my hand against my jean in my cupboard back home. Color against color match or mismatch? No. Trying to visualize the design pattern? No. And hence I never shopped without a companion who excells in such stuff and they would do the mental movie playing part and give their approvals or otherwise. Then out of the blue, I found during my last shopping spree that my mind is able to do that . Not always. But flashes of it. More like, it does that when it really likes a dress I am considering to buy. But when I try it at will, it gives me a very hard time. The experience would be something like trying to reach something which is just their one minuscule beyond the tip of my fingers but am unable to reach it. 😐

The next thing is, well this requires a sub-preview. You must know that I cannot dance at all. No. Not one step. Not one move. I still remember the day when I had to (read was forced to) do at least one dance move during the Industrial Visit trip in college and I made a complete fool of myself being unable to 😳 . Moving on, people have told me to just let go and dance even if it is clumsy. I have got this advice a lot. Believe you me, I try. I have wanted to dance at such times. But no. There is absolutely zero body-mind co-ordination. So I came to terms with the fact that I cannot dance [Hoping that there will never come a time where I am held at gun point and asked to dance]. *Preview Over* (Enough 🙄 , move on)

Recently, when I hear peppy numbers, my mind starts to dance, if I may phrase it that way. Remember it is the mind and not me. It is as if there is another me inside which is doing the dancing part. No, I am not just visualizing someone/myself dancing, instead I feel my mind doing the dance. When I try to catch hold of what it is doing, it is as slippery as an eel. If I try and do it again on purpose, there are flashes but never the whole picture. It drains me. It is like learning Occlumency from Snape. 😯 The crazier thing is my mind is so far able to do its awesome dance only for peppy numbers. [I am not exaggerating when I say awesome, yesterday it did a superb choreography for “Everybody tells me” from “Another Cinderella story”. That’s gotta be something.] So when I am listening to melodies, or songs which have lyrics depicting the situations, my mind tries to do something and obviously fails. And I have to go through the ordeal of watching the clumsy attempts which leaves me more drained. 😐

Now tell me, isn’t my mind the best place to be? 😈 In case you are Sheldon Cooper and didn’t get it, that was sarcasm for you! Re-read the title of this post. I should be removing that (ly) right? Well, I am not gonna 😛

What do you say? Alter-ego? Might be, for who knows!

Until later 🙂