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A perfect gift

Dear Aditi,

Just in time for our 4th anniversary, you come as the perfect gift
Shining like the sun, you are an instant hit
Blessed we are, to have been through this journey!

Baby doll, you are the life that brings us lessons
You are the soul that teaches us acceptance
You are the light that guides us to our purpose!

Thank you for choosing us, princess! πŸ™‚


Also, here is a little something I wrote for your dad during the last few days of my pregnancy. We were scared and this was an attempt to reassure ourselves.


Amidst all the chaos and troubles,
Together we created something,
Something that is as beautiful,
As wonderful and as unpredictable,
As life itself.

This life that blossoms from within us,
With a spark of its own, marked as us and ours,
Truly makes our journey remarkable,
The one that we started all those years ago,
Blissfully unaware of what we had set out to do.

Just the two of us might fade into a shadow, but
Only to be replaced by the beauty of the three of us.
There’s only going to be more of you
And hence more of my love for you
So there’s nothing missing out.

Let’s walk into this lane of our journey,
Hand in hand, just as innocently,
As blissfully, and as ignorantly,
As we did all those years ago deciding to be together forever,
For life will teach and take care of us,
Just as it has all these years now.


Until later πŸ™‚

From shitty mornings to awesome days

When I wake up in the morning, struggling with sleeplessness, my day ahead seems to be filled with discomfort, frustrating chillness, food that taste like feet, fatigue, endlessly long boredom, a 100 things to do but the helplessness of not being able to do them, pain in every bone, muscle, tissue and cell. Though I know all this is part of the journey and it is all worth it, to experience it every day kind of puts a damper on my motivation and attempts to reassure myself take longer with each day.

But then…

You wake up and my day suddenly fills up with warm, toasty fingers intertwined, your smile lighting up the entire place, your massages beating the shit out of my pain and discomfort, naughty anecdotes that make us laugh, things that make us reminisce about our childhood days together, snuggling a little more into the comforter to touch the heat of your toes and go mmmm.. That’s when I know I just have to pull through until you wake up.

And right at that moment, when you open your sleepy eyes and smile at me, I revel in the egoistic happiness that I am right. If not about any other thing, I am right about you in my life.

Until later πŸ™‚

Quote Challenge : 1/3

I know, I know, this is long overdue. Forgive me, for I had been psyched about doing this challenge when the Lioness tagged me but then got immersed in the house-shifting activity that I totally forgot about this one. So let me do this now.

It’s a known fact among my friends and family that I love quotes. I collect quite a few too. Although not as exhaustive as The Lioness. So I was so excited when she tagged me in this quote challenge. The only sad part of it is that I can only name 3 quotes I love the most. Only 3, Sigh!

Anyway, here’s my all time favorite:


mappendantcomImage Courtesy: mappendant.com

I am a great fan of Dumbledore quotes from Harry Potter and would often be using them as my status on messengers. This one is my absolute favorite and has quite helped me during some hard times. The wisdom in those words is very deep yet gets across so easily.

Often, there come times when we would be down in the dumps or at least believe that we are. Such is life, none can escape it. However, the actual answer to all our problems is not the problem itself but how we react to them. We have the happiness within, the key to solve the problem, the light to our darkness, but hardly do we remember it. We keep searching the happiness outside, in others, until we get tired and give up.

I know that this is easier said than done and that I don’t quite follow this fully, but that does not mean I should give up trying and forget that the happiness I am searching for is within me. My husband follows this diligently and has pulled me up a lot of times when I was upset, with this simple logic.

Today I nominate 3 of my favorite bloggers, those who have done this already can choose to start again or ignore:
1. Visha
2. GB
3. PeeVee

I cannot thank SoumyaΒ enough for tagging me in this. We both share a common love for quotes and I enjoy digging her quotes collection posts and reading them time and again. Thank you Leo!

What is the 3-Day Quote Challenge about?

1. Post one of your favorite quotes on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own. (You must post 3 different quotes in all)
2. Nominate 3 bloggers each day to challenge them.
3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

Until later πŸ™‚

January : Gearing up

Here goes the month of January 2015 in our anniversary year, the final month followed by the big reveal of what I gifted hubby today :)


Dear Adit,

New year started out quite well but we were in different places when the clock struck 12. Well, I blame destiny for it. We had to make do with the phone calls that started a bit before 12 so that no one else wishes us a happy new year before each of us could wish the other. It reminded me of all those late night phone calls with which we survived during college days πŸ™‚

You joined your new job and I missed all our IM conversations, our lunch and fights over who is making it late for work everyday. We had made personalized calendars with some of our memories on display for each month. It came out so well that we made one each for adorning our work stations πŸ™‚ I kept looking back at how different life was one year back. All the tension surrounding the marriage, the arrangements for the marriage, phew! We can safely say we have never had such an exhausting phase so far in our lives. It made me question all the societal norms and the associated hype about having to get married to be with the one you love.

The month gave me a parting gift in the form of a blogger meet arranged by Indiblogger and ASUS. I was so thrilled and you were ever so encouraging. It was my first meet ever and the experience had me rambling about the bloggers I met, the activities that we participated in, for the next couple of days. As January picked up pace, so did our lives and we geared up and are all set for another exciting year together.

On the whole, January was back in style to show us that life maybe unfair, but it’s good nevertheless!

And did I tell you? I love you πŸ˜‰




This ends the series of love letters that I have been writing to my hubby as a gift for our wedding anniversary. So far, despite being a Monday and having to work, the day has been a good one for us. I made Gulab Jamun all by myself for the very first time and all our colleagues happily gobbled them up. But being a newbie, I didn’t know how much to make and ended up making twice the number than we actually need. So right now I have a huge box of Gulab Jamuns left tempting me to forget my weight woes and give myself a treat.

We took off a couple of hours from work in the afternoon for a lunch date πŸ˜‰ And the evening awaits us with its magic. I got a Kindle Paperwhite from hubby long back which was technically supposed to be our anniversary gift. So today’s gift was a gorgeous Kundan jewelry set πŸ˜€ And here’s my gift to him, I saw this one on twitter and was hooked to the idea – The 365 jar! It appealed to me as extremely romantic. And moreover, it’s not a gift that’d get over in one day. It’s a gift of sorts everyday till our next anniversary.

tumblr_nhvuouECVW1u25jz6o1_500Image source: tumblr.com

When I thrust this into his hands first thing today morning, all he could do in his drowsy state was stare at it wordlessly. But I am not the one to let go without a reaction, hence I prodded him awake and demanded what he thought of it and you know what he said? It’s so like you!! I was like, “do I take this as a compliment or an insult?” And his reply was “As a compliment, of course!”Β  And that’s all I am ever gonna need my love πŸ™‚

Until later πŸ™‚

P.S: This also counts as my action replay post for January since this is pretty much that happened!

July : Uneventful

Here goes the month of July 2014, number 6 in the series:


Dear Adit,

July was the uneventful month for us with nothing major going on. You had to go for our school mate’s wedding alone since I couldn’t take off from work. Every time you had to leave me alone, you made a big fuss about how I had to be alone and if I will be okay. All this knowing fully well, that I am very comfortable being alone πŸ˜› I am a person who enjoys some ‘me’ time and I am not a scared cat either to be afraid of staying alone in the house. You knew it, yet you asked me multiple times if I wanted to go over to any of our relatives’ places in Bangalore. Perhaps you were suspicious of me skipping [the much-hated] rice and veggies for lunch and deduced correctly that I will just eat Dosa 3 meals a day if left to myself. Well, that’s what I did in the end. πŸ˜€

Other trivia like switching internet service providers and making a big deal of it, fights over how you were making me late for work in the morning happened. One more aspect to July was with this month started the spiritual fest in our home. There were a lot of rituals and poojas to be done according to the customs of your family. Though I didn’t have much inclination towards religious festivities, I respected your beliefs and decided to do it. Trouble was it involved long preparations and procedures to be followed and reading them from the book and doing them didn’t turn out to be ideal. Anyway I did the best I could.

Is that all that happened in July, the month seems very uneventful but then maybe I was too busy with the work-home-work routine and you were breaking your head over looking out for a career change as planned in June.

And did I tell you? I love you πŸ˜‰




Until later πŸ™‚

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