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Kitchen galaata :)

Today,my aunt had some work and I thought I will end up in the kitchen.Fortunately, she made all the vegetable dishes and my job was only to cook the rice, which was quite easy.After that, I fought with all the utensils and made them shine. Satisfied with myself, I started watching TV(????? ???? ?????? ??? ???????? ??? ???????????). Then tonight,my aunt called me and gave me a bowl of wheat flour and asked me to knead it.Then began my battle with the flour.However hard I try, I could not get it off my hands(??????? ??????).Somehow i kneaded it into dough and triumphed over it.Then came the problem of making the dough into round shapes for cooking. I tried to do it uniformly and ended up with amoeba shaped ones.??????????????? ??? ????? ?????? ??.At last I opted for the easiest job-transferring the onions from the bag to its respective basket.I opened the cupboard where the basket was kept and someone was waiting to greet me.Yeah,A lizard(Small one.though) and I was in no mood to say hello to it. I took up a broomstick and started chasing it.Omitting the description of the struggle,I come to the point.The lizard won the battle:( ????????? ??? ?????? ???????? ??, ????? ??!

"2 States"- Transported me to a different state!

With Xmas holidays making me idler,I started out with “2 states” by Chetan Bhagat,today afternoon. Not to say,I read the book really fast (as I usually do) and I am done with it in approximately 4 hours.It was a very good reading experience after a long time.Of late, I had been out of the reading habit for unknown reasons.Reading this book, rekindled the passion in me. The thing I love the most in Chetan Bhagat’s novels is his style. The casual journey through the story gives you the feel of a pleasant tour down the country-side. And you don’t feel like you are reading something that’s new to you. It’s all the same thing we stumble on everyday,yet pictured in a different way. The concept of  united India and love marriage in India instills some real thinking in the minds of the readers.To those who still stick to state,caste,creed,money,complexion statuses while arranging marriages, the book strikes with a perfect question-“What more do you need when there are two hearts in perfect understanding?” Indeed, matching of hearts of not only the couple but also their parents is a vital issue and  it has been very well portrayed. Moreover this book shows that love is not a cakewalk and  what true love requires. Also, what India needs, at present, is united hearts  than wars over every single reason people can think of. The book is as good as the previous three by the same author and is unique in its own way. Hats off to Chetan.

Wonderful WordPress!

Thanks a lot to those who have come to this blog with me from Blogger. I have nothing against Blogger.It is just that I find features of Wordpress more attractive and comfortable. There are very good themes  that I had a tough time  in choosing one for this blog. I wished to start off with WordPress for blogging,but due to my ignorance, I had some problems in doing it. Now all that has been resolved and here I am,enjoying the luxuries offered by WordPress. 🙂

Food- Indeed the vitality!

Staying at my uncle’s residence, I don’t have the problem of food, its taste etc. But problems are meant to come in search of us. So, there again, I faced the most embarrassing situation, when my aunt placed my most hated dish, in front of me for breakfast. I am not used to complain about things at others’ places, however close they may be. I will display my best rebelling behaviour only at home! Apart from instances when I have to eat the dishes which I don’t like( at the same time, being forced by my aunt to eat more(out of her concern for me)), I am having my lunch outside because of a variety of reasons(To avoid troubling my aunt, To have a variety, To have a freedom being some of the many reasons). And When I enter the hotel, I don’t know why people stare at me(maybe it’s written on my forehead, that I am new to the locality). Ignoring the stares, I get my food and settle to eat. The food is good,but I hate it when they make everything with a tinge of sweetness. Sambar,Rasam.. Anything you name-it will have a sweet taste which does not suit me. I was struck by a feeling of confusion when the uthappam I bought was sweet(I stick to dishes that I know of,to be on the safer side). Then again, when you enter the hotel,you are given two choices:
1. Have good food, standing(like in our college canteen).
2. Have the same good food, with a comfortable seat.
the only difference between the two being approximately 50 Rs(It varies from hotel to hotel).
I find this funny. The cost of food is lesser than the cost of having a seat:) Anyway, It’s not unmanageably difficult. So, I conclude with-“Ellam nanmaike”.

Appa varume oru joy!!

I think the title would have, by now,inspired many of my classmates to read this post 🙂 (Those who don’t understand,first get the background news from any of my classmates and start.) On the second day(today) of my intern, at 12.00 noon, I had the strongest urge to shout-“oh god! Who founded Linux”. I had been given a pdf document with a set of tutorials on the first day to go through and understand the working of a software package with which I have to work in the future. I was stuck at the 7th tutorial from the 1st day’s noon till today noon. It was mainly because my working environment is Linux(I seriously resented using Linux only for anti-virus usage,when I was in college and I advise my friends against it). Finally I resolved the problem with the help of a friend, who’s an expert in Linux. And to my irritation, it turned out to be the most silliest problem:( To those who are wondering like-“iva mentor kitta keka vendiyadhu thaana?”, let me tell you one thing, I have no particular mentor. It may sound fun, but it’s not. Because you don’t know if you are supposed to inform anyone while going out for lunch or while leaving, to whom should you ask your doubts and the like(These are the silliest doubts, but still, when you face it, they will eat you). okay. Let me come to the correlation between the title and the post. When I found that i solved the problem and that I finished upto some 17 tutorials out of 23 so fast, I could visualise the situation of “appa varume oru joy” and heaved a great sigh of relief( I am not narrating the parent incident for confidentiality purposes and side-effects of revealing it publicly). Somehow, today I understood what I am expected to do and what “appa varume oru joy” meant! But don’t know what God is upto:) Let’s see;)
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