Kitchen galaata :)

Today,my aunt had some work and I thought I will end up in the kitchen.Fortunately, she made all the vegetable dishes and my job was only to cook the rice, which was quite easy.After that, I fought with all the utensils and made them shine. Satisfied with myself, I started watching TV(????? ???? ?????? ??? […]

Wonderful WordPress!

Thanks a lot to those who have come to this blog with me from Blogger. I have nothing against Blogger.It is just that I find features of Wordpress more attractive and comfortable. There are very good themes  that I had a tough time  in choosing one for this blog. I wished to start off with WordPress for blogging,but due to my […]

Appa varume oru joy!!

I think the title would have, by now,inspired many of my classmates to read this post 🙂 (Those who don’t understand,first get the background news from any of my classmates and start.) On the second day(today) of my intern, at 12.00 noon, I had the strongest urge to shout-“oh god! Who founded Linux”. I had […]