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Food- Indeed the vitality!

Staying at my uncle’s residence, I don’t have the problem of food, its taste etc. But problems are meant to come in search of us. So, there again, I faced the most embarrassing situation, when my aunt placed my most hated dish, in front of me for breakfast. I am not used to complain about things at others’ places, however close they may be. I will display my best rebelling behaviour only at home! Apart from instances when I have to eat the dishes which I don’t like( at the same time, being forced by my aunt to eat more(out of her concern for me)), I am having my lunch outside because of a variety of reasons(To avoid troubling my aunt, To have a variety, To have a freedom being some of the many reasons). And When I enter the hotel, I don’t know why people stare at me(maybe it’s written on my forehead, that I am new to the locality). Ignoring the stares, I get my food and settle to eat. The food is good,but I hate it when they make everything with a tinge of sweetness. Sambar,Rasam.. Anything you name-it will have a sweet taste which does not suit me. I was struck by a feeling of confusion when the uthappam I bought was sweet(I stick to dishes that I know of,to be on the safer side). Then again, when you enter the hotel,you are given two choices:
1. Have good food, standing(like in our college canteen).
2. Have the same good food, with a comfortable seat.
the only difference between the two being approximately 50 Rs(It varies from hotel to hotel).
I find this funny. The cost of food is lesser than the cost of having a seat:) Anyway, It’s not unmanageably difficult. So, I conclude with-“Ellam nanmaike”.


  1. Greenboochi

    Can you believe it if I say I have not stepped into a hotel here in Bangalore during my spinster days? I would go to bed hungry instead of going to a hotel. I have still not acquired taste for the sambar/rasam/palya that we get here. Now after the Chikmagalur trip, surviving only on hotel food – I can so relate to this post. The dosa was sweeter than sugar and as per Amma they add sugar to get crispy dosa.

    • Keirthana

      Yeah food-wise we are so picky 😛 Yeah on later notes shared with my mom, she too said the same thing about crispy dosas but sweet flavored all just too much for the dosa freak in me to digest!

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