I think the title would have, by now,inspired many of my classmates to read this post 🙂 (Those who don’t understand,first get the background news from any of my classmates and start.) On the second day(today) of my intern, at 12.00 noon, I had the strongest urge to shout-“oh god! Who founded Linux”. I had been given a pdf document with a set of tutorials on the first day to go through and understand the working of a software package with which I have to work in the future. I was stuck at the 7th tutorial from the 1st day’s noon till today noon. It was mainly because my working environment is Linux(I seriously resented using Linux only for anti-virus usage,when I was in college and I advise my friends against it). Finally I resolved the problem with the help of a friend, who’s an expert in Linux. And to my irritation, it turned out to be the most silliest problem:( To those who are wondering like-“iva mentor kitta keka vendiyadhu thaana?”, let me tell you one thing, I have no particular mentor. It may sound fun, but it’s not. Because you don’t know if you are supposed to inform anyone while going out for lunch or while leaving, to whom should you ask your doubts and the like(These are the silliest doubts, but still, when you face it, they will eat you). okay. Let me come to the correlation between the title and the post. When I found that i solved the problem and that I finished upto some 17 tutorials out of 23 so fast, I could visualise the situation of “appa varume oru joy” and heaved a great sigh of relief( I am not narrating the parent incident for confidentiality purposes and side-effects of revealing it publicly). Somehow, today I understood what I am expected to do and what “appa varume oru joy” meant! But don’t know what God is upto:) Let’s see;)