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Hi all 🙂

The idea of doing this post dawned on me just moments ago, as I am sitting in my training class and obviously, I have started typing immediately 😛  I was sitting in the class doing a self-analysis and a side-analysis on the title of this post. Suddenly I had a wave of realizations. (As I type this, my friend sitting by my side, asked-“??????????? ?????????????????,??? ???? ????? ????? research ?????? ?????? ??????? ????????? Well, she might have been so involved in the class, unlike me ;)).

This post is on what I feel one can consider, to keep up a relationship better. They might be just the usual words, but if you think, they are not just the usual things we follow. Those who are not yet into a serious relationship, can also go through this, because you might need it in the future. 😉

Now, over to the waves :

  1. Always understand and be understood clearly.
  2. Even if you try to implement the above, so hard and yet fail, be patient and try again till you succeed.
  3. There will be stuff which is “so silly” for you and “so interesting” for your other half. Do not criticize even if you can’t respect. (If you can respect, you are great)
  4. Be fair. React the same way that you would want to be reacted to.
  5. Take pleasure in doing things for the other half. It works!!
  6. Support at all situations and guide towards the correct path at right situations.
  7. The ????? ????? dialogue works well  – “?????? ???? ???????????? ??????, ??? ?????? ??????? ????? ??????????? ????????”.
  8. When the two halves are in different places, there will be situations which will test you to the core. Handle them with care and patience.

There’s a lot more, but all of them will fall into one or other of the above category.  As soon as you saw the title of the post, I can hear your mind voice saying-“???? experience ??” For those who ask this question, you know the answer 😛  Moreover, these can applied to not only your better half, but to anyone whom you care about (Maybe the waves need slight changes if the person is someone else-It depends). I want to end the post with my favourite love quote-“Love is like a violin, the strings might have gone,but the music remains forever.”

P.S: If the readers assume that I am following all these, I am not responsible for the assumption 😉 Just shared what I wanted to share.


  1. Sathish

    true! it works 😉 😉

    • Arun John

      he he .. same strategy eh, size !! .. and it works always, eh! (already one comment!)

  2. Sathish

    hey turn off the ‘site preview’!!!

  3. Keirthana

    Hey, I guess I turned it off now.There’s some problem with the connection now. So couldn’t check. Let me know if the preview is still on. Also you have commented-“It works”.Unakku eppo la irundhu experience?? 😛

  4. sathis

    chumma.. ippadi ellam pota ipo nee kekaraila. athukku than.. 😉 btw, you haven turned off the preview. check it out

    • Keirthana

      😛 Btw, how do u turn off the preview???

      • keirthana

        Done 🙂

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