Hi IS,

How are you? I know you will not be feeling too good after what happened. I am writing this letter because I want you to get to your senses and also get over what happened. After having been friends-for-life type of a friend with me, what made you get so mad at me that you hit me so hard and crippled me? Did I do anything to hurt you? I do not remember doing any such thing. Even if I had unknowingly erred, you could have come and talked to me to have sorted it out as we usually do with our daily problems.

I suspect that you did not attack me acting on your hatred for me, but due to the provocation by someone new to our circle, X, because I know I did not give you any reason to hate me. What confuses me is, how could you have been so tricked by someone new to our place into attacking me, your friend. I know very well that you are the best defender against cunning people as X. It was you who taught us that we meet both friends and foes in our daily life and not to trust outsiders so easily without making sure that they are indeed friends. After all that you taught us, how could this happen? How did you fail to notice that all she did was to create a rift between us? How did you lose your senses and attack me blindly? See what we have come to. It is me who is crippled physically for life and you who is crippled emotionally because of the guilt of attacking your friend.

I am not saying all this to make you relive all of that and experience agony, over and over again. I am just saying this so that none of us make the same mistake again at any point of our life. Yes, I am not mad at you, for you are and will always be my friend. None of our other friends are mad at you. For, we all know, deep down in your heart, you never meant to attack me. Yes, we know it was not your fault. So cheer up my friend. All we need now is proper cooperation between us and unconditional support from our other friends to recover. Together, let us show the world that we can do much better.


This is a letter written by the pancreas to the immune system of a person having Type 1 diabetes. Juvenile diabetes aka Type 1 diabetes is caused due to the inability of the body to produce insulin. The exact cause is unknown, but most likely there is a viral or environmental trigger in genetically susceptible people that causes an immune reaction. The body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells, thus destroying them.

The inspiration for this post is Adhi and his diabetes.

Until later 🙂